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"NOIDA, with its urban mix of educated middle and upper class clientele, presents the right environment for any retail outlet location," says Deo Datta Sharma, chairman and CEO of NOIDA Authority. "The market is a wholesome place, which not only gives us a complete shopping experience but also the most sought after eateries for an enjoyable evening out," adds Lalit Mehta, advertising professional and a resident of NOIDA for several years. "The easy traffic and peace - far from the madding crowd of the capital - is alluring," says corporate lawyer Anurag Chawla, a resident of Sector 15A. Having developed as a retail hub ahead of other suburbs of Delhi, the Sector 18 market of NOIDA is all set to soon sport further landmarks on its sprawling premises. "The recent addition of the Centrestage Mall, spread over approximately 8,900 sq. mts., and situated next door to the Radisson MBD Hotel, promoted and owned by the MBD Group, has further fuelled the retail activity in the area," says realty specialist Pradeep Bhatia of Bhatia Brothers and Company, Delhi. Prophesies Datta, "NOIDA will soon be a tourist destination with hordes of Asian tourists making a beeline for the city. We have an amusement park as well as a mall from Unitech planned across more than a million sq. ft. of space, which is all set to take the city by storm. We want this place to be a destination where everybody in the family has something to look forward to."


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