Destin Activities For Your Guests

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When I started Destin Condo Rentals business at Pelican Beach Resort 3 years ago; I was sending pale arrival information emails to my guests. In time, I observed that they kept asking me questions while they could actually Google them. Can I rent bicycles, where to eat, do I need to rent a car, how can I take a fishing trip, can I get discounted Big Kahuna's tickets...

In time I began to get more professional. First I established a blog, showing Destin Events and Activities. It takes some effor to search for activities every month, and find more popular ones addressing my guests, and add them to my website; however it is good practice. Your web page looks more professional, and also gets more SEO attention. 

I had a booking portal where I could set triggers to send emails to guests X days before check-in and I made one email to include activities to be sent 3 days before check-in. So why not send them these links, which I considered to be the Best and Discounted Activities in Destin?

Then I told to myself, can I make some side revenue of it. Finally I came along; which offers a nice program for you, you can create your own links like I did below and get commissions if guests book there. All vendors have also reviews which is very helpful for the guests.

If you want to signup, here is my referral signup link to Tripshock, we would both benefit


In case you would like to share with your guests, here is the list:

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