Can a Part-Time REALTOR Find Success in Real Estate?

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Can a Part-Time Realtor Be Successful in Real Estate?


So you have just gotten your real estate license after passing the real estate exam first try. Now you are looking at how much time can be devoted to your new carreer.


Becoming a part-time real estate agent is a viable option for many people that have recently passed their real estate exam. Many new agents do not start out with enough in reserve funds to have a website built, hire an SEO agency, invest in pay per click and digital marketing.


Whether he indevidual t does not have the time to devote to fully jumping into the real estate industry, or they are unsure about how successful they will be, being an agent a few hours a week is often appealing. Sometimes, it makes it easy to keep another job, fill up free time, or give a person the chance to learn something new.


Sometimes, it makes it easy to keep another job, fill up free time, or give a person the chance to learn the in's and out of getting through a real estate transaction. It still can be a good idea to get into a career in real estate.


Even with the flexibility of a real estate carreer, there are downfalls to working a full-time job and becoming a licensed real estate agent at the same time. This article will cover a few of these concerns.



People will request appointments for showings and time to talk about contracts. These requests can come in 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Meeting with potential homebuyers and sellers while working a full-time job somewhere else can get tricky.


Besides conflicting schedules, meeting with mortgage brokers, title companies and local insurance comapanies are not possible outside of standard business hours when a person works the primary job at the same time. Many real estate trainers suggest a strict organizational style to make this part of the process a little easier to manage.




Since every agent must work with a broker to learn the ropes, it may seem like an easy task to find someone willing to work with a new hire. However, part-time employees do not pull in the numbers like a full-timer.


As a new agent, you may want to shop around to find out who has the most success with inexperienced agents. Many real estate franchises and some have specific programs for new agents. Independant brokers, as opposed to having a program, may simply place you to "shadow" a successfull agent for a period of time.



Sharing Commissions

One way for agents who work minimum hours to be successful is to partner with other agents. While this does mean the brokerage divides up the fees between the agents, a part-time worker can get help from other staff who can make meetings and handle work over the allotment of hours they can devote to property selling.

This mutual relationship can provide new agents with the help they need to complete the sale and get a cut off of the first few commission checks. This partnering gives the person the education they need to feel confident to try to close a sale alone if they are uneasy.


Expect to Work Late Nights and Weekends

Whether you are attempting to be a buyers agent or a sellers agent, you need to be available. If a person wants to work a full-time job and be an agent, then it is going to take overtime. Selling homes means putting in time after the primary workday is complete, including days off. 


While a part-time employee can manage to meet with clients and negotiate contracts after hours, the time necessary to meet with lenders, inspectors, and insurers may make it necessary to partner with another agent. The good news is when the long hours pay off, many agents have the funds and experience to move to full-time employment.


So, the truthful answer is yes, an individual can become a successful real estate agent working part-time. Does this mean it will be easy? Definitely not. As with any new business venture, success requires dedication, patience, luck, and partnerships with the most lucrative employees and firms in the field.


Any prospective agent wanting to work part-time after licensing should be diligent in researching the state requirements and brokers who work with new hires to begin selling property on the right foot.




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