So You're Starting a Real Estate Team...

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You know what's more difficult than being a real estate agent? Starting a real estate team! While that might not be true for some people, the addition of other agents into your business may make your life a little more stressful.

Here are a some tips to keep in mind when starting a real estate team:

1. Have a mutual goal

Everybody must be on the same page. Even if some agents have their own personal goal, you must all work together to strive for a common result. 


2. You might need to offer coaching

There is a high turnover rate for many new real estate agents. To decrease their likelyhood to churn, offering ways for them to improve their skillset. This can either be through personal coaching OR you can sign them up for online learning resources.


3. Give everybody a specialized role

One of the easiest ways to stand out amongst a sea of agents is to have a specialization. By giving each of your team mates their own niche, the entire organization can thrive without having too much internal competition.


4. Focus on Team Building

A team should be more than a badge they can add to your marketing materials. Having regular productive team building trainings/events can help build team morale and allow agents to feel more comfortable reaching out for help, or asking for advice. Communication is a key component of any good relationship!


5. Have Clear Leadership

There should always be somebody ready to take charge and steer everybody in the right direction. Everybody will have their own ideas and opinions - which should they should feel free to express with an open ear. However, there needs to be somebody to pragmatically form those team-sourced ideas into a plan - without crushing any egos.


Who here has started their own team before? What advice would YOU have to offer agents starting their own?



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