How The Law of Attraction Can Help You Sell Real Estate

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I've been both practicing and writing about the law of attraction and manifesting for a while now and you know what? Though I was skeptical a long time ago when The Secret came out, I now remain convinced that there's a little something to it! 

Among all the law of attraction manifesting tricks I've tried are this super-easy 3-ingredient money manifesting ritual where I manifested my entire student loan payment. And also this incredible self-love manifesting ritual that changed my whole life! 

But did you know that you can use the law of attraction to manifest anything under the sun? 

Well you can! 

You can even use it to manifest sales of a new home if you're a real estate agent! 

The best manifesting game to play if you want to make a major move in business would be the law of attraction scripting technique.

For scripting it's basically just writing a letter dated some point in the future telling exactly how you want your life to be!

So if you want to manifest sales of a real estate property, here's a sample letter you'd write:


Dear Universe,

I'm so excited because today marks the day I closed the deal on the property at Bellevue Lane! It's been such an incredible process! The client was a breeze to work with, all the paperwork went through with flying colors, it was the fastest, easiest sales process ever -- I'm so happy! I got such a huge windfall of cash from the sale of this excellent property, and I know exactly what I'm doing with it... but most of all I feel I truly deserve it! 


... and so on and so on!

The trick is to really get into it and make it as fun as possible. You want to get the feeling of what you're doing, okay? 

I hope that you enjoy this fun little manifesting ritual, and that it helps you raise your vibration and manifest a life you love. 


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