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From super soft mattresses to an ultra firm one, where does your preference lie when it comes to the firmness of a mattress? When talking about how firm a mattress is, you’re focusing on how hard or soft it feels. Given that everyone is different, how firm a mattress feels is subjective. As for which one is best for you, it entirely depends on your personal preference. Nevertheless, it is possible to help you decide for yourself which kind of mattress - soft or firm - is right for you.

Understanding mattress firmness vs support

A good mattress will provide proper support for your body throughout the night. Proper support results in zero pressure points being created and proper spine and neck alignment at all times. If your mattress doesn’t support you properly, it’s more likely that your wake up times will comprise of neck and back pain, followed by a lot of body aches.

It doesn’t matter how soft or firm a mattress is, it should always provide you with adequate support. When looking for a mattress, be sure to research the mattress brand to ensure that it is a high quality make and that the company understands both firmness and support. It also pays to learn about the different levels of mattress firmness offered by the company to find the right mattress for you.

What is the best mattress firmness for you?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a universally agreeable industry standard that defines the feel of a mattress. However, there are ways to help you figure out which level of mattress firmness is right for you.

Here’s the general rule:

  • If you sleep on your back, you’ll find most comfort in a medium to firm mattress
  • For side sleepers, go for a medium mattress for optimal support while accommodating your hips
  • If you sleep on your front, you’ll get maximum support with a firm mattress

Soft mattresses are known for making you feel as if you were sleeping on a cloud. Feel your body sink into the mattress and become one as you lay your body to rest. With modern technology creating super soft cloud gel mattresses and pressure-relieving memory foam posture tops, you can easily opt for a high-quality mattress that will pamper you every night.

Medium mattresses let you experience the best of both worlds. With many people feeling that soft is too soft and firm is too firm, the medium level firmness sells extremely well. With technology enforcing the perfect balance between comfort and support, 5 zoned pocket spring systems are now a thing of the present. For those who want more specifics, find brands that offer medium soft and medium firm to get as close to your preferred firmness level.

Firm mattresses are ideal for those who enjoy the feeling of an aligned spine at night. For firm mattresses, you can find high-quality latex one with specifics of extra firm or ultra firm being offered.

Why not try before you buy?

If you aren’t sure about which level of mattress firmness is right for you, why not try it before you buy it? Drop by a mattress outlet and try the range of super soft to ultra firm mattresses yourself. Once laying on top of one, you’ll have a better understanding of your preference and which mattress is the right one for you.

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