Made in America, or not...

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Here is my disclaimer: I love America, I really do. 

That being said, as an online cabinetry retailer and home builder, I keep seeing a myth that echoes throughout the internet. And it goes something like this: "whatever you do, just avoid imported cabinetry." I think this is a worthy topic, becasue some of you, your clients, and maybe even friends, may end up avoiding imported cabinetry and end up paying way more for much less in the process.

For some, they may be AOK with that and want to keep it in America. GREAT! For others, they want to get the best product possible at the best price.

I wrote this article that adresses this very topic:

As a custom cabinet maker, I am VERY passionate about quality cabinets that not just look the part, but are the part. If kitchen cabinets are a topic of interest to you, you may find that article an interesting in depth read.

And in case you're not up on all the recent trade events, China is not really making many cabinets nowadays. When I wrote this article they were! Malaysia, Vietnam, Phillipines, and other Southeast Asia areas are the next upincomers!


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