5 Things Make Doctor Phillips Prime Real Estate

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Doctor Phillips real estate is a sought area of Southwest Orange County, Florida, but what makes this community prime real estate? 

Here are 5 reasons many buyers start their home search in Doctor Phillips, Florida. 


1.  Desirable -  We all remember the real estate crash of 2009 followed by 4 years of declining prices but we didn't hear much of the initial rebound.  After a market crash, not all cities, towns, and counties come back at once, prime real estate is the first to recover.  

Winter Park, Lake Mary, and yes Doctor Phillips started digging themselves out mid-June 2011, while other Florida markets didn't see a recovery until 2013. In 2011 I recall seeing hundreds of lower-priced properties in these sought after areas under contract.  My thoughts at the time...THE INVESTORS LANDED picking up some prime real estate at bargain prices.  

2.  Location - Sought after locations have two things in common, well-planned infrastructure and close proximity to major highways.  Doctor Phillips has both, two ramps to I-4 leading to easy access to the Florida Turnpike, 408, 429 and under 10 minutes to downtown Orlando, airport. 

3.  Good Schools -  It's not uncommon to have out of town buyers call asking about schools.  Doctor Phillips features Award-winning schools

4.  A Community Feel -  Buyers look for a place to call home and with that is the feeling associated with their decision.  Doctor Phillips' famous Restaurant Row, shopping and lakefront Doctor Phillips Park bring this community together like none other. 

5.  Investment Security - If we know one guarantee about real estate is that it always changes but what if you purchased a home surrounded by towns that have a history of increasing values.  Doctor Phillips neighbors Windermere and Disney World, a sound real estate market in "The Town Among the Lakes" Windermere, and a World Wide attraction in Disney World, a couple of great neighbors too have!

Start your Doctor Phillips Home search here for some of the top properties in Central Florida. 

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