A million ways to use a laminator..

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Are you a part of the crafting world? I like to dabble, but also I've been a teacher with a classroom, I've also homeschooled for a time, and I've had multiple uses for a an office laminator at home.


So, on my blog I did a full review of laminators to replace the one I used years ago (a Brother laminator). I'll let you check that out, but meanwhile.. While doing this article, I learned that you can use a laminator for SO. MANY. THINGS!!


And here I thought I would share the love. I'll just list below, and let you get your creative juices flowing. 

  • Chore List
  • Cleaning List
  • List of Birthdays & Anniversaries 
  • Emergency Phone #'s
  • List of House Rules
  • Doorhangers (Do Not Disturb!)
  • Labels 
  • Games for Kids (You can use dry erase markers to reuse over and over)
  • Foiling Craft Projects (Google this - it's super cool!)
  • Project/ Game cards for long trips
  • Bingo cards
  • Prayer cards
  • Flashcards
  • Homemade books
  • Recipes
  • Placemats
  • Anything ORGANIZING
  • Luggage Tags
  • Name Tags
  • Anything paper you need waterproofed
  • Leaf or Flower pressing

And I could go on and on! Something surprising you might not know - An at-home laminator is SUPER cheap. You can easily get a good one for only $20 or $30. Of course you'll have to also purchase the laminating paper/ pouches, but it's not too much.


I think it's a great investment for your house, or for documents you don't want to lose or have damaged.


Printers - are another story. I just don't get along with printers. I always have trouble with them! 


So, how about you? Do you have a laminator at home or to use in a small office? What fun things have you done with your laminator? I'd love to know! :)

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