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Portage Bay Floating Homes With Sailboat Moorage

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Looking for Portage Bay floating homes with sailboat moorage in Seattle? Portage Bay floating homes with sailboat moorage

Finding a protected area of Seattle's Lake Union for your sailboat can sometimes be tricky, but there is a cool eastern arm of the lake called Portage Bay and the floating homes there tend to have a larger percentage of great sailboat moorage opportunities.  

In addition to the larger marina with rental slips towards the end of Shelby Street, there are Portage Bay floating homes with sailboat moorage on various docks along the south end of Portage Bay on the Capitol Hill side. Seattle floating homes can be found in other parts of Lake Union as well, but Portage Bay tends to be a more gentle water and as a result moorage is more protected. 

When looking for a Portage Bay floating home with sailboat moorage involved, make sure that you ask the right questions.  

  1. Is the dock organized as a coop, leased, or condo owned slip dock, or is it fee simple?  It is important to know the answer to this so that you know who is in charge of moorage on the dock.  Many people think it is as simple as tying a boat up to their floaitng homes, but this is not the case.  Many condo, leased, and cooperative Seattle floating home docks have assigned spaces and specific rules which go along with these spaces. The same can be true for fee simple docks. Make sure to ask the right questions about specifics. 
  2. How long of a boat can you moor here?  How wide can it be? 
  3. Are you encroaching on and DNR lands or submerged streets?  Do you know it is possible to get a parking ticket in the water?  It's true! Seattle platted out many submerged parcel and streets over one hundred years ago.  You need to know every detail. 
  4. How deep is the water?  Many Portage Bay floating homes with moorage may not allow for the drag of a sailboat moorage space because it si just simply too shallow. 
  5. Are there extra fees to moor a sailboat at you floating home or along side it? 
    1. Is there an appropriate shore power source available?
  6. Are there any view restrictions on this dock? 
  7. Are there other neighbors that have first right of refusal for a slip or is ther e a community wait list? 
  8. What type of insurance does the dock require? 
  9. What are emergency procedures? 

Overall, there are some pretty great choices for Portage Bay floating homes with sailboat moorage. The views on this portion of the lake are quite different, but the peaceful and serene settgin makes it a perfect place for sailboat moorage.  Let us know if you are interested in seeing what is available.  We can help you both on and off the water, and we usually have an idea of who might be willing to sell and how we can match up your wish list with available floating homes.  We can also help figure out if various boat moorage situations can work out for your needs.   Courtney Cooper | Molly Cartwright Seattle Houseboats Experts.  Call/text 206-850-8841  houseboats@cooperjacobs.com

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