Intermittent Fasting SUCKS!

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I've been intermittent fasting for well over a year now. I've lost over 40 pounds and have managed to keep it off, yet I can still say one thing with certainty -- Intermittent Fasting Sucks if you don't know what you're doing. 

The truth is, intermittent fasting really is one of the best ways I've found to lose weight while still eating many of the foods I enjoy. But, like everything else in life, it has it's good and bad. 

Here is why intermittent fasting sucks, and how to deal. 


1- It's Hard

While over time it does get easier, intermittent fasting is hard at first. When you're used to eating a stream of food all day long, suddenly only eating within an 8 hour window is jarring. Having a plan for how to curb hunger while intermittent fasting is the only way to make it through to the other side. 


2- It's Easy To Fall Off

It's SO easy to quit intermittent fasting even when you don't mean to. Special occasions, holidays, vacations are all reasons why I've fallen off the wagon in the past. And when you do -- it's hard to get back on! The best thing you can do in this case is to relax your fasting window -- not fully eliminate it. 


3- Results Are Hard Won

Some people lose weight super fast while fasting. But not everyone. Sometimes it takes a while for the weight to come off, and it doesn't seem worth it. The best advice I have is to check out this list of 10 reasons why you're not losing weight on intermittent fasting. 


4- You Still Have To Exercise

While you don't have to exercise as much, you still have to move your body a little if you want the best results. I know some sensational "I love 50 pounds without exercise while fasting" articles make you think otherwise. But if you go into fasting with this idea, you'll quickly find that intermittent fasting does, in fact, suck. 


5- If You Quit You'll Gain The Weight Back

Finally, if you quit intermittent fasting and haven't put a healthy diet plan in place, you'll certainly gain the weight back -- and then some. 

Intermittent fasting is a tool to help you make healthy lifestyle choices in a sustainable way. 

The best advice I can give is to gradually improve pieces of your diet while fasting, so that eating healthier slowly becomes your new norm. 

You don't have to eat perfectly, but you should make some changes you can stick with for the long-haul. 

Allow yourself burgers, fries and pizza if you'd like -- but promise you'll only have it if you eat it yourself. 

Commit to snacking less throughout the day if you quit fasting. 

Eliminate caloric beverages from your diet. 

Things like that. 

Intermittent fasting works for weight loss -- but only if you do.

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