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Have you noticed a difference in the energy of your home since Feb 4th?   I certainly have.  When we bought this house it was just before the start of another Rat year.  I made money that year...lots of work...lots of money.  Then when the Ox year came along it fizzled out.  I wondered what went wrong and finally...5 years later I took my last Feng Shui class in Toronto.  That's when I found out what was wrong, and that if I "cured" it, I would put my husband's health in danger.   So, all these years it didn't get cured.  I kinda like the guy...a lot.

But, we're in a new Rat year now and again, my business is showing signs of booming.  The energy has changed and I'm taking full advantage of it.

Do you have a SW facing home?  Have you noticed a difference?

It could be the Feng Shui!




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