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Did you know that if you have an IRS debt of more than $53,000 USD, the IRS can request that the State Department not allow you to renew your passport or can even rovoke it?

If you have relatives abroad you visit frequently; your job requires that you travel to other countries; or just like to travel on vacation, this can be a big problem!

The new law has allowed the IRS to focus on US taxpayers who they  consider to be "seriously delinquent"  by having a debt of more than $ 53,000 USD to initiate passport restriction actions with the State Department.

As of February 2019, the IRS began sending certification letters to taxpayers that they consider to be "seriously delinquent" with their debts to the IRS. Taxpayers have 90 days after receiving the CP508c letter, to make an arrangement for payment with the IRS.

Taxpayers who do not comply with the IRS will be reported to the State Department and will have renewal restrictions and even revocation of their passport.

The IRS has stated that it will not recommend the revocation of passports for taxpayers who are making a good faith effort to resolve their debts.

To eliminate these restrictions, the IRS requires taxpayers to comply with their debts by entering into a payment arrangement, making a offer in compromise or paying the balance in full.

It is important that you obtain representation to assist you in solving your debts with the IRS, if you or someone you know is in this situation, we can help you obtain your passport renewal and find a resolution to your problems with the IRS.

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