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Like the title states, this is for someone that loves fresh garden vegetables but doesn't necessarily have a really good "green thumb". I personally go for the easy stuff, mostly lettuce, basil, green onions, cilantro, oregano, tomatoes, and rosemary. As easy as the others may be, they are more work than I choose, I find it easier to buy my radishes, carrots, red onions, white onions and peppers at the store.

Just FYI - all the photos are from today 2/10/2020 and were taken from my iPhone Xs.

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Different varieties , the one above is actually the "organic live lettuce" sold by Costco and replanted, this will be my 3rd trimming from it today. Below is the Mesclun mix from seeds. The biggest reason for me... is just knowing there are no pesticides in them, next reason is cost, they charge you and arm and leg for some these things.

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Let's start with the basics, the #1 important factor to this garden, is where you choose to plant it, I will get into that in a moment, but first a few starter things, I call it the easy stuff. I started with adding a bunch of fallen, dead branches from around my property to planter, not only did it save me money on the soil I added, but it is continually breaking down and provides nutrients. In the mornings I dump yesterday's coffee grounds into the planters, I alternate between them all.

#2: Whenever I am peeling carrots, or potatoes, the waste goes directly into the soil also, I just let them break down naturally in the potted plant soil, I stir it around a bit and cover it with the soil but that's it. (Ha,(below) this is the oregano ( I think-lol) from seed)

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3: Not sure this is a factor, but I forget to water it, occasionally, well maybe more than occasionally, we can say semi-frequent, thank goodness it's a big red flag when everyone is wilting, browning and doesn't look healthy. I hear that this is good, makes it grow hardier - not sure, but I think it looks good, so I am going with it.

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Tomatoes, who doesn't love a fresh tomato, store bought just doesn't compare, can't wait for those flowers to turn into some of the most delicious fruit in the world !

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Ahhh, fresh cilantro from seed, love it in my soups, I am a big fan of Costco's "Udon" noodles, add some of this, some of that fresh basil, and green onion tops.... mmmmmm , Typically I may add some slim sliced beef, or shrimp to the soup also.

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Okay, you may have figured out I dont always follow the book.... green onions, we use the tops more than anything, so I buy the organic ones from Safeway (the ones that still have the roots attached) , put them in water for 2 days, and then plant them in my planters, I get a good year or more of just clipping the tops off and letting them regrow. I love a great salad, soup, eggs (we have free range chickens also) and some homemade fried-rice with cut up green onion tips in them.

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Basil, sometimes I grow them from seed, but these happened to be from starters at your local hardware store, I use this on lots of stuff, soups, salads, chicken breast covered in Grey Poupon a little cayenne pepper and about 3 basil leaves each - wrap it in foil and bake it in my toaster oven for about 20 minutes - the BEST !

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Rosemary, again this is a fresh starter from my hardware store, my last one I had, lived about 4 years and well, that part about neglecting to water them sometimes - ya, rosemary is pretty sensitive to that when put in a planter. These will get planted in the ground in a few months so that they will always be hardy! Favorite recipe here - Salmon, with virgin olive oil, minced garlic, sea salt, and nice twig from this baby, put it in the "air fryer" for 8 minutes at about 400 degrees, it doesn't get any better than that my friend.

Alright, the number one SECRET to my Winter Garden, like I said at the top, its all about "WHERE" you plant it, sure sunlight is important, temperatures are important, but LOCATION is EVERYTHING

These are located at the 1,800 foot elevation on the Big Island of Hawaii, just below Kaloko Rain Forest.

Dont hate me, I am a full time Realtor here in Kona, so let me help you find your piece of paradise because I guaranty you I couldn't grow this sh.. in my hometown, Las Vegas.

My little slice of paradise below.

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When this all blows over, I might do more gardening for sure. Love and light!

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