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Title Insurance with Scarab Title & Escrow Services, LLC. W485738

Here's a list of what  Scarab Title and Escrow Services has to offer.

Competitive Fees:

As the new kid on the block, we don’t carry as much weight as many established title companies in the area. That said, with over ten years of experience in the title business of title services, we’ve learned a lot about getting things done. We have a streamlined workflow that usually translates into responsive action for our clients. Keeping a lean staff is one way we can offer lower-cost fees and as a result, we stay agile in a fast passed environment. 

No Settlement Fees:

Speaking of competitive fees, we’ve created the military veteran program and the first responder’s settlement services program to give back to those who protect our community and the very freedom we enjoy every day. While so many of our competitors offer discounts, of their already inflated fees, Scarab Title & Escrow Services says “thank you” by completely waiving settlement and escrow service fees every time.

Concierge Closings:

Often our clients are out of state or even the county. Others have hectic work schedules that make it difficult to meet during office hours. We do all we can to accommodate our clients and are proud to provide “on location” or online/virtual closing services. Our office, your office, the client’s home, or even an airport! We’ve got you covered.

Open Communication:

We know that communication is vital in any relationship, and that includes relationships with our clients. As liaisons between our clients and many affecting sources of their business, we are committed to communicating any potential problems or changes as quickly as possible.

After Hours Support:

We know our clients have shifting schedules. That’s why we do our best to offer support after regular business hours via call and text. We want our clients to have what they need when they need it.

Stringent Security Protocols:

We take security very seriously. Our client’s information is valuable and confidential. Because of this, we use an extremely secure encrypted document and messaging portal to house all of our documents and communication data. We also operate with a Clean Desk Policy in-house. As a result, all of our print files are under lock and key when not in use.

House Warming Gifts For Clients:

We like to add a personal touch to our closings. Because of this, we often give personalized, and laser engraved gifts to our clients. We know there are many title insurance and closing services out there, so this is one way we show our clients that we appreciate their business.

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