Knowing Your Real Estate Lead's Love Language

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It's Valentines Day! Today's topic will be the 5 Love Languages as outlined by Gary Chapman in the book he published in 1992. It's a great book to help you strengthen relationships with romantic partners, your children, friends, and acquantances. Today we will be looking at those languages and how to better use them to build relationships with your real estate leads.


You can typically identify what love language a person likes to receive, based on the type of love they give out. This isn't always the case though, so just be aware when you interact with your sphere.


1. Recieving Gifts

To show this person some love, you don't need to buy them something extravagent. The little things can also bring them joy. Stopping by a past client's house and leaving them a small gift can say a lot - especially if that gift is catered to them. Closing gifts will be more appreciated by this type of person.


2. Quality Time

This type of person likes spending time with other people, even if they aren't necessarily doing anything with that other person. Perfect example is a spouse accompanying their loved one to go shoe shopping - even if only one of them is looking for new shoes. These real estate clients will appreciate the time spent together sharing a meal, having conversation, or looking at properties.


3. Words of Affirmation

This person loves verbal validation from their peers. So "excellent choice" or "I like what you did with the kitchen" can really go a long way. Don't compliment just to compliment, but show an authentic appreciation for who they are or what they have done.


4. Acts of Service

Your job IS an act of service. However, these people will really respond to this little things. They will respond even more to the unexpected things. If you do a favor for them, without them asking - it'll make a big impression. "Hey I noticed that your crazy neighbor was giving you trouble, so I talked to them and was able to come to an agreement" is an example of a favor you can do that they didn't necessarily ask for.


5. Physical Touch

In romantic relationships these people like hand holding, kisses, and hugs. In a real estate relationship - this is wildly inappropriate. High fives, handshakes, and maybe a pat on the back are good ways to express your love without being inappropriate. For younger people, a fist pound can really help you create stronger rapport through unspoken communication.



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