5 Quick House-Refresh Tips to Help Your Home Sell Faster

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While homes can be listed and sold in virtually any condition (who doesn’t love a fixer-upper?), it should come as no surprise that homes in better shape sell for a higher price.


If a buyer sees that they do not need to do any repairs or updates to the home, they will probably be willing to pay more for it.


However, for stressed-out home owners or investors with limited budgets, starting yet another home improvement project before listing their home is not exactly ideal. But the truth is that even little upgrades can make a huge difference in the final sales price.


So, here are five super simple (and inexpensive) ways to improve the appearance of a home that could help you sell it faster – and at a higher asking cost.


1.      Focus on the Exterior

Typically, the first image that a buyer will see of a home when browsing online will be a shot of the exterior. Furthermore, it will, of course, be what attracts them if they happen to drive by and see a for sale sign. So, you need to make a good first impression by boosting curb appeal.

Taking a power washer to dirty shutters or siding can do wonders to improve the appearance of your home and make it look much better. You can also invest a bit by planting some flowers or hiring a landscaper to take care of the lawn and trim the bushes to give the front yard a little bit of a facelift.


After all, houses with landscaped yards are often listed at up to 12.7% higher prices than similar homes without an impressive exterior. That can easily translate to thousands of dollars more!


2.      Do Some Easy Cosmetic Updates

When it comes to boosting resale value of a home, renovating the kitchen and bathrooms are often the first moves. These are big, expensive projects. Now, the good news is there are plenty of small cosmetic changes that can instantly make your home appear to be more modern and updated – of which won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

While you don’t need to modernize everything and spend a lot of money, some smaller investments can go a long way. For example, consider undertaking some short-term projects such as re-sanding and re-staining wooden features like cabinets, baseboards, and floors. This can do a lot to freshen up the appearance of your home drastically.

The best part? You don’t need to be an expert craftsperson to do them! Consult a woodworking guide to learn about which tools you need, and how to use them to enrich your home!

Additionally, simply switching out sink faucets and shower heads can make bathrooms appear far more modern. If any plastic light switches or outlet covers are cracked or discolored, they can be easily switched out with brand new ones that cost just a few dollars.

Finally, consider switching out the lightbulbs throughout your home with either brighter or softer bulbs, as this can really change the appearance of a room.


3.      Walk Through with a Buyer’s Perspective

Walk through your home as if you were considering buying it yourself. Notice where your eyes are drawn, especially when you first walk through the front door. You’ll want to highlight the best features of your home – so you may need to make some quick adjustments.

If the home will have furniture when buyers arrive, you want to make sure that it is laid out in an attractive way for an optimized flow.

Try not to overcrowd rooms with lots of furniture and decor, as this can make the room appear smaller. For example, if you’ve got a large television blocking part of a window view, you may want to move it so that more light can flow in and make the room appear larger.


Be sure that potential buyers can easily walk through the home and check out all angles. Try to move things like ottomans or coffee tables out of the way so that nothing is blocking them from moving around.


4.      Consider a Cleaning Service

You might think you’re good at cleaning, but giving your home a real deep clean can be a massive undertaking. Plus, you’ll need to buy lots of supplies to really make things spotless. Giving a house a cleaning from top to bottom can make it look – and smell – much better.

So, you may want to shell out the extra bucks to hire a professional cleaning service to come through and go a step beyond a surface level clean.

Professional cleaners will be able to truly make your home spotless from top to bottom, and they have the equipment needed for every job. Make sure you request for them to give a thorough clean on all surfaces by wiping down the walls and dusting off ceiling fans so that everything is truly spotless.

For instance, if you have wall to wall carpeting, you should definitely consider having a professional steam cleaner come to remove stains and revive the color.


5.      Don’t Forget About Little Details

The devil really is in the details when it comes to selling a home. When homes are missing those little touches, it can make it appear less attractive to buyers. In fact, one study found that homes that were empty and didn’t have furnishings and homey details sold for over $11,000 less


So, before you take pictures of your home for the listing or host walk-throughs, be sure that all of the little important details are taken care of so the house looks its best.


For example, even the smallest piles of clutter can be a major eyesore to a buyer. Organize those piles of junk mail on the desk, put away the pile of shoes by the door, and reorganize bookshelves to make sure that everything is in its proper place.


Also, be sure to clean and organize the interior storage areas that buyers will be peeping their heads into. Many sellers don’t think about cleaning up linen closets, but having an overstuffed or messy closet space can make it appear much smaller. Storage space is a huge selling point, so you want to make these features pop and look attractive to buyers.

Try to add in little details that makes the house feel more like a home. Having some fresh cut flowers or lighting candles throughout the rooms can make it feel warmer and more inviting.

Finally, make sure that your home really smells fresh and clean. You’ve probably heard that realtors will even bake cookies in the oven to make a house smell better. This is because it has been scientifically reported that good smells can influence our mood (and our shopping behaviors) – so the right scent could help you close a deal!



By using these simple tips, you can vastly improve the appearance of a home – and even increase the sales price! Making these small investments can have a major payoff and require very little effort and money.


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Riley Swanson is a lifestyle blogger, passionate about food, fashion, home improvement, and traveling. She is also an avid traveler and shares her traveling experiences in her blog Riley+Christian Travel.


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