How to Supercharge Personal Branding in Real Estate

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How to Supercharge Personal Branding in Real Estate

branding in real estate

We used to use the term “branding” only in relation to companies for quite a while. However, the situation has changed and the focus has now shifted onto individuals and their personal brands. Somehow, we all seem to have our own brand that we choose to guide and cultivate or not. Real estate agents are among those who are exploiting this trend heavily.

Apart from the necessary skills we are all familiar with, there is one thing that has become perhaps more important than others and that’s a personal brand of a real estate agent. Since real estate agents are predominantly interested in their local communities, the job of developing their personal brand is quite unique. Here are some tips that should help you supercharge your personal brand as a real estate agent.

And the Oscar goes to…videos!

The power of videos is difficult to explain to those who are camera-shy. Luckily, great real estate agents are outgoing by nature and most of them are only too happy to record videos starring… themselves. Video marketing simply has to be part of your real estate branding strategy, especially since almost nine out of ten marketers use video content. Your videos should show you, so that people can see who they will be working with and so that they are given a chance to like and trust you.

Personal website

Your personal website is a hub that connects prospective clients with you and a place to share industry content and other relevant information. The focus of this website should be on providing information and solutions to the readers....NOT ON YOU. You should include all your social media pages, blog posts and other relevant online content. In a nutshell, it’s a place to set yourself apart from the competition and provide the best local information.

The website should not only contain advertising and sales pitches, but a platform which is a resource, well-designed and informative. Since you really need to have a great website, you might also want to hire experts in SEO to help you drive more traffic towards it. This Hong Kong SEO agency, for example, focuses on helping SMEs boost their exposure on the web and reach a greater audience.

Blog for business

Though your blog is technically part of your personal website, it deserves a special mention, because it provides you with the opportunity to establish expertise on your own terms. If you manage to generate content that meets the needs of your prospective clients by helping buyers and sellers learn some useful trick of the trade, you will establish yourself as a major authority in the field, i.e. you’ll build your personal brand.

Targeted Facebook Ads

This most cost-effective paid solution in comparison to other paid advertising solutions allows real estate agents not only to reach more people and target them more precisely, but also to build their personal brand. That is done by creating ads for specific goals instead of just boosting posts. Your posts should have a clear purpose, a clear call-to-action and a link to a landing page that can generate leads.


It is vital for you attend all relevant events in your region and build your network. Don’t just focus on establishing relations with prospective clients, but make sure you connect with the local press and others in your industry. You might offer your expert opinion on real estate issue or even suggest they give you an article to write. The same goes for people who have a lot of followers in the area. Every picture with them, mention or tag counts and is another brick in the construction called your personal brand. The stronger and bigger it is, the more it’s worth.

When building your personal brand in the world of real estate, you have to always keep in mind that the most important is your relationship with individuals and the community as a whole. Your brand represents you, your character and your values. Don’t let others define it, but be the one who creates it. You may be an expert, but if you are not recognised and knows as such, you won’t get very far in the world of real estate.



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