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Macy's Will Add 600 jobs to Midtown Tech Hub

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In exciting job news in Midtown Atlanta, Macy's will add 600 jobs to a new Midtown Tech Hub! Awesome! 

The $14M facility will open in Midtown Atlanta, specifically at the new T3 office building at Atlantic Station.

Naveen Krishna, Macy’s chief technology officer said in a statement that the new office gives the company an opportunity to “leverage the diversity and depth of technical expertise and skills available in the Atlanta area.” Software development and software architects will make up most of the new positions. 

The company currently has a technology center in San Francisco, that it will be closing. It employs some 800 plus people. There was no mention how many, if any of those postions would relocate to the new Atlanta hub. Macy's will be one of the first tenants in the new T3 building at Atlantic Station. 

Macy's Employees Moving to Atlanta

Macy's employees that may relocate to Atlanta, or even local new hires will enjoy the great walkability of the T3 building at Atlantic Station. AND....if employees choose to live close to work, they have two amazing For Sale opportunities available to them...both just across the street from their office! Twelve Atlantic Station and The Atlantic are both great condo living options in Atlantic Station. (See photo below that shows the location of T3, Twelve and The Atlantic!)

And just across the Downtown Connector, are numerous other options for condo living. If a single family home is more the style, employees have numerous options in West Midtown, both with new construction as well as resale opportunities. 

Macy's currently has a tech campus in John's Creek, North of Atlanta, and that facility will remain. 

Macy's Midtown Tech Hub employees will enjoy the ability to step out their front door for dining and shopping options in Atlantic Station. There are other great dining options both in West Midtown and Midtown that will require an Uber ride or an auto trip to get to...but still will beat any long commute from the suburbs! 

Thomas Ramon Group and MyMidtownMojo.com welcome all the new employees and the opportunity to help their perefect place to "call home" in Midtown Atlanta! 


Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
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Hello Thom - the world of retail is definitely changing like Earth itself and the always evolving real estate market.  It looks as if the midtown Atlanta area will benefit from the elimination of jobs across the country by Macys.  That's a part of life, right?  

Feb 17, 2020 01:20 PM
Don Baker
Lane Realty - Eatonton, GA
Lake Sinclair Specialist

More jobs means more real estate.  Always a good sign to be adding jobs.

Feb 17, 2020 03:51 PM
Jason Lee

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