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How to succeed in vacation rental business

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To be successful in vacation rental business requires number of components - the right house, an outstanding interior, amenities such as games or movie theater, good location near the attractions, and of course the management company. 

It almost seems like a mountain of tasks to overcome, so is it really worth it? 

Well it can be. My team and I have put together some of the most successful vacation rental homes in Orlando Florida area. I can share exact addresses with those who are interested. This business works great, if done correct. 

To be honest the concept itself is quite simple - get a property in a new(er) resort community with amenities; then finish it like no other so it stands out above the rest while marketing; and provide 5-star management service. This equals to success in vacation rental business. 

My team and I have proven it over and over - it works. Please view a video from one of our projects below. 

My team provides a complete turn key solution to investors looking to succeed in vacation rental business.

We have:

  • artists
  • interior designers
  • custom arcade game solutions
  • residential bowling lanes
  • AV - movie theaters
  • Large format LED displays
  • and much more to offer. 

Most importantly - DATA to prove our concept works!

More information available to those who are interested in vacation rental industry.


Thank you, 

Margus Mahar

Dynamic Realty LLC


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