5 Helpful Tips When Buying a House

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5 Helpful Tips When Buying a House 


When looking at a house, you look at the basics. Price range, location, appearance, number of bedrooms, but there are some areas that get overlooked that can really take the house to the next level for you. This guide will give you an idea of what else you should be looking for when looking for a new place to lay your head down.


  1. Space

One of the things people often forget is to account for their furniture. The living room might have lovely windows, but is your couch going to fit there? Where will the kitchen table go? It’s good, too, to check out your bed size and make sure there’s going to be a comfortable amount of space left over once your Canadian made mattress in the new room. Account for your cabinetry so it doesn’t end up in a corner in the basement until you move again. Have an idea where your tv is going to go before you sign the lease.

  1. Local Amenities

    Do you really want to get an acreage that’s 20 minutes from the nearest gas station, or is the peace and quiet worth it? No one likes being next to the highway, but if the grocery story is a five-minute walk down the road, it could become worth it. Maybe it’s a lovely neighbourhood, but an hour’s commute from work. Check addresses near the gym you frequent, or near your kid’s school. Sometimes the convenience can outweigh the unfinished basement and small driveway.

  2. Money

    Everyone thinks about price, it’s usually top of the considerations, but it’s a little more complicated than that. You’ll be fine if you get a mortgage, but will you get approved for it? Are you going to be struggling while paying it off? In order to get your money’s worth, you have to take everything into account, including how much money you can work with.


  1.        Neighbours


The community that you move in to is going to be vital to how much you like living there. In this case, just talking to your realtor can give you a good idea of what the people around here are like. If you have kids, you probably want to live somewhere they’ll have friends, but others might not want to be bothered.

  1. The Whole Household

You’re the one doing the house shopping, but you can’t forget everyone else who lives with you. Are your kids going to be happy in the new neighbourhood or school? Is there enough space to accommodate your pets? Do you have an aunt who often stays with you, who probably shouldn't be made to sleep on a couch? A home isn’t just yours, and if you’re looking after other things, you can’t be too considerate of their, and your, needs. 


These tips aren’t meant to be comprehensive, but now you have a few more questions ready for your realtor. Buying a house is pretty easy, but it takes a lot of work from you and your realtor to find something that feels like home. 


Happy house hunting!

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