6 Ways to Sell More Services Online

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Trying to build your business through word of mouth or community events can be inconsistent, labor-intensive, and unfulfilling.

In this article, I will give you 4 steps to create a more consistent, profitable, and fulfilling selling process to help you take your service based business online.

It's time to reach more people, have more impact, and make more money. Let's go!

#1: Become a Content Creator

If you ever see those annoying ads on Facebook of young kids taking selfies in front of lambo's - this is NOT the type of content I am talking about.

Creating content is not a popularity contest - instead I want you to think of it as the single greatest opportunity to position yourself as a trusted advisor and expert in your industry.

So what type of content should you be creating?

  • Step-by-step tutorial blog posts that help people understand the high-level of your industry
  • Free Courses that help your target audience solve a painful problem
  • Interviews with other experts

Each of these content pieces focuses on 2 things.


They provide massive value to your audience, which makes them know you, like you, and trust you.

They also make offers for your prospects to work with you. You will reach more people and convert more people when you have already proven to them that you can help them for free!


#2: Build Relationships Faster With Video

But what if writing long blog posts isn't your style? Or what if you're always on the go and just can't find the time to edit and do all that professional content creation stuff?

After all - you've got a business to run!!

What if I told you that sometimes the best results come with the least effort?

(just buy these pills for $9.97!)

Just kidding - but I understand this sounds hard to believe.

What I'm talking about is authenticity and relationship building over trying to be the slickest guy (or gal) in the room.

If you made it a habit to shoot a quick 5-10 minute live video every. single. day. while you are doing your craft, and sharing that to social media...

You are on an incredible path towards success.

Live video builds relationships like no other.

It also allows you to teach micro-nuggets of wisdom every day, which continues to demonstrate your expertise in your field.

And when you find pieces of content that are absolutely excellent? You can make them permanent videos and sell that as an information product or run it as an ad on Facebook to reach even more people and build good will.

#3: To Sell More... Offer More (with Sales Funnels)

It's a simple reality - your income is directly related to the number of offers you make x the goodwill you create in the world.

What that means is - Make more (relevant) offers, make more money.

Where is the perfect place to make more offers? 

During the actual purchase process!

If you are selling hourly consulting - why not offer them a discounted rate if they upgrade to a monthly package?

And if they say no to that... maybe offer access into a group coaching program?

If all this sounds really technical, don't worry - I've got you covered.

There are incredibly simple tools available today that make the sales funnel process point and click simple.

#4: Realize The Future Of Communication Is OmniChannel

The days of expecting your clients to leave a voicemail and for you to get back to them in 24 hours is simply not happening in 2020.

The world is moving omni-channel.

That means that people want to be able to talk to you when and where they want.

And unfortunately, attention spans are short - so if you don't get back to them soon, they will find a competitor.

So how do we combat this growing problem? There are a few things you can do.

Make sure you have a laptop that will last all day on the road, and that you have systems in place to manage communication from every channel.

You can also employ automated chatbots to help funnel communication to a single spot.

Or forward all their channels to a central inbox.

And if you simply have more money than time - consider hiring help to man the helpdesk software...

Bonus #5: Focus

Look - the point of this article is not to add 5,000 things to your to do list. The best way to sell more is to find something that works, and do more of that.

If you like to write, start your blog and start helping people.

If you like to chat with people, start your podcast and start helping people.

If you like to be on camera, start going live on Facebook or Youtube ... and start helping people!

Get the point?

Alright - now you have the tools and tips to grow your service based business. I can't wait to see what you create!

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