7 Deal Flow Murdering Mistakes that Realtors and Investors are making

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Deal Flow Murdering Mistakes that Most Realtors

  and Real Estate Investors are making; 
  and how to fix them!
All in One Real Estate Lead Generation Systems-  by: Limitless Motivated Sellers
This copy is about avoiding the Money Murdering pitfalls that are usually caused by Lead Generation companies and Streamlining your Acquisition Processes and Operational Systems to save expenses and get you a higher ROI.
If it doesn’t scare you to think how much money you’ve been wasting or deals passing through your fingers on trying to keep up real deal flow, on faulty systems and managing your office and Revenue Generating responsibilities, this book might not be for you! But, 90% of the Lead Generation systems and Office Systems are set up to cost you more money than they should and aren’t giving you the ROI expected. Mailers, PPC, unqualified cold callers that don’t take incoming calls, unqualified VA’s, etc.
What to expect from this copy: aside from some misspellings...
IT WORKS FAST. Unlike traditional Lead Generation Systems (LGS), which can take months of preparation and a long time to see results, this LGS can be ready to go immediately, saving you big money on marketing and operations while freeing up your time.
IT’S AFFORDABLE. The Realtors & Investors using this system have, in many cases, invested a dollar and received 3-4 in its place if not more. This system will not only make you money, it (saves) or “makes” you more time for your Key responsibilities and personal life, if desired.
IT’S TIMELESS. This isn’t some trendy Gimmick or Get rich quick scheme. So, if that’s what you’re after then save your time and read no further. They’re strategies that have worked for many industries for decades and will continue to work for a long time to come.
IT SCALES. This LGS works for any Realtor or Investor that is up and running. Whether you have completed just a few deals or have 3+ exit strategies, it works. However, no matter how well we provide our service, we are not a coaching business. It does not work to the same successful degree for new investors that have never done a deal. We solve organization issues and top of the funnel problems LGS issues. If you have a bottom of the funnel problem, which is difficulty closing these deals, you need a Coach, not a LGS. You need to know what to do with these deals before we are working with you or you will not experience the full value ad. The success here isn’t about how much money you throw at marketing, but how well you do it.
Systems that don’t work for you… And how to fix them!
o There are 3 principal lead system types that we will discuss here.
COLD CALLING - PPL or Pay Per Lead – MLS Cherry Picking 
o COLD CALLING.The good news here is, cold calling in the industry works, a lot! The bad news is over 90% of “Cold Callers” or “Virtual Assistants” Dive right into the “pitch”. It is a high-volume game but more importantly, believe it or not, this is a form of Permission Based Marketing. Why?
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