55x5 Method FAQ - Law of Attraction For Beginners (Video)

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I'm going to be honest - I find it fascinating how popular the 55x5 manifesting method has become lately. 

The truth is, it's only one of the many manifesting games, tricks and techniques you can use to play with the law of attraction and the Universe. 

Yet, it seems like it's all the rage these days. 

My 55x5 manifesting technique blog post is the single most popular post I've ever written, and tons of people join my mailing list each day with high hopes of using the free 55x5 manifesting tracker I've created to help them manifest their dreams. 

I'd say out of every 20 e-mails and questions I get, about 14 of them have to do with the 55x5 method. 

It's all everyone seems to be talking about, and asking about. 

So... to eliminate some confusion and help clarify any issues about the 55x5 method, I've put together the 55*5 technique FAQ, where I'll be answering all the top questions about it. 



What Is The 55*5 Technique?

First, the 55*5 method is a simple law of attraction manifesting ritual used to speed up your desires. All you do is create a positive affirmation, write it on a piece of paper 55 times in a row for 5 days straight, then wait! 

I've used it to manifest money, friendships, free concert tickets and more! 

It sounds simple enough, but as with anything with the LOA, it's easy to overcomplicate things. 

Here is a handful of the most popular 55*5 law of attraction method questions. 


1- Can I Use Different Affirmations With 55X5?

No. You must use the same affirmations throughout the five days, or else you're not doing 55*5... you're doing 55x1 a bunch of times!


2- What Do I Do With The Paper When I'm Done?

You can do whatever you'd like! Sometimes I burn it to release the intention into the Universe. Other times I file it away for later, or even hide it to stumble upon as a nice surprise!


3- How Long Do I Wait Before Doing Another 55x5 Exercise?

You should do no more than one every 3 weeks to a month. You need to give it time to work, and also remember to express gratitude. 


Continue reading the full 55x5 FAQ post for more!

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