Recruiting Agents to Your Team or Office

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For those of you that manage a team of agents - it's important to know what you need in order to attract good agents to your office. Here is a small list:


1. Unique Value

Especially for experienced agents, give prospective teammates a reason why they need to be on your team. Offer something they can't get anywhere else. That can be coaching, access to valuable resources, guaranteed leads, etc.


2. Social Media Presence

Social media is important, and you want to ensure your brokerage or team maintains their social media profiles. Even though social media can be a vanity aspect of the business, it still looks good when people are researching you.


3. A Good Split

Who are we kidding, money is a big driver for why people switch jobs or switch brokerages. Offering a good split can be just what an agent needs to make that transition.


5. Coaching

The best agents are the ones that are coninuously learning. In the normal 9-5 workplace, a common reason that people quit their job is because they have nothing left to learn. Offer an environment where they can continue to grow in their career.


6. Technology

What do you offer in terms of digital collateral? Do you offer customizable newsletters? An IDX website? Unique auto-responders? Access to a CRM?


What would a team need to recruit YOU?


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