Getting More Qualified Leads Is Actually A Pretty Accurate Science.

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Are you killing your leads... before they even become leads? 


Remember these numbers, ok?   

3,17,20 & 60 -- Got it…?



It is 2020 right? People go on the internet for 1 thing only.  For them!  They go to Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, BiggerPockets etc. For Them!  They are looking for something, need something or are researching something... For Them! Maybe an interesting article, maybe to research a product or company, or maybe even just to pass time.  But we agree they do it for one thing right?  Good!  They do it For Them!

No one, and I mean NO ONE cares about what you (or I) do, can do or how well we do it.  They have a need and are looking for a solution.  They want to know what BENEFIT you can offer them, what SOLUTION!  However, the only Ads out there (or cold calling pitches) are geared towards people looking to buy immediately!

Only 3% of any given target market is ready to buy (or sell in this case) immediately.  They've already done their research and ready to… CALL THAT REALTOR.   SELL THEIR PROPERTY.   SIGN INTO AMAZON TO BUY SOMETHING.   BUY THAT NEW I PHONE.  UPGRADE THEIR BIGGER POCKETS ACCOUNT.   WALK INTO THAT FOOD STORE.   ENTER THAT RESTAURANT... and part with their hard-earned money!           Three Percent!


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Remember the numbers up top, there? (3,17,20 & 60)

Good, here it goes...


Sooo.... what's up with the other 97% of my target market? YOU (and I) left them out there to decide for themselves and they skipped right over our "WE CAN DO THIS" advertisement and moved on to research their need and who can solve it.  Sucks, right?

Here are the Stats: Out of 100% of prospective clients (sellers in this case), only 3% are in BUYER mode (ready to sell or must sell)! They’ve done their research and know what they want. This 3% is where EVERY company is THROWING their big marketer bucks! That’s a lot of competition! 17% are in INFORMATION GATHERING mode. 20% are in PROBLEM AWARE mode. And 60% are in NOT AWARE of problem mode.

So, if you're confident in your product or service, it's time to focus on a very untouched 97% of your target market by ripping potential leads eyes away from their scrolling or researching into reading how you have the solution to their need!  We do this everyday.


Comments (2)

Brian England
Vacasa - Gilbert, AZ
MBA, GRI, REALTOR® Real Estate in East Valley AZ

 Your numbers make sense and I will have to look into how you or your company can help refine this process for someone like me.

Feb 27, 2020 08:06 AM
David Masciangelo
Limitless Motivated Sellers - Marlton, NJ
All In One Lead Generation Systems

Thank you Brian.  It's been a long, but rewarding trip to get us to this point as a company.  I appreciate your input and am here whenever you might like to discuss.  Have a great day!

Feb 27, 2020 08:11 AM