5 Things To Do Before Selling Your Home

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If you're getting ready to sell your house, you'll want to get the most money possible for it. After all, your home is the biggest investment of your life. Plus, with some small adjustments, you could raise your sale price significantly. Here are five things to do before selling your home to get the best sale possible.


1. Declutter and Clean

 Broom - Cleaning

 A clean and spacious home will definitely make more of an impact. Before you start showing your home to buyers, make sure that the whole property is spick and span.


Start with cleaning everything. Not just the floors and tables, but also the walls behind appliances and underneath furniture. You want the whole place to look pristine to get the best price possible.


It also helps to declutter. Clean out any mess and put things into storage. People like more open space in their homes, so the more spacious your place looks, the better.


2. Make Some Home Improvements


Sometimes making a few simple home improvements can improve the value of your home significantly. Things like replacing countertops, adding storage units, and changing the flooring will make your home look fresh and modern.


Remodeling rooms like the kitchen and basement can also help. You will have to spend a little money, but it's something that can get you a great return on your investment.


Even little things like replacing the windows and fixing things like chipped door frames can attract more buyers. Spend some money on home improvements so you can make more back.


3. Boost Your Curb Appeal


The first thing people see is the exterior of your house. As such, you'll want it to look as exciting and inviting as possible. This is known as curb appeal.


Touch up your front lawn and add some plants to catch people's attention. Improving your house with things like new windows and a freshly painted door will also make your home look better.


Curb appeal can increase the value of your home but it also attracts more buyers. If a house catches someone's eye from the outside and they see a 'For Sale' sign, they might even consider buying.


4. Repaint Your Home


One the cheapest and easiest ways to improve your property and make it look fresh is with a new lick of paint. It's worth repainting all the walls and ceilings around your house just to clear up any scuffs and marks and make it look new again.


Neutral colours work best since a lot of people consider redesigning after they move in regardless. However, styling things up and adding some decor to match the colors definitely doesn't hurt.


5. Make It Welcoming

 Living Room

Finally, make your home as welcoming as possible to new buyers. Cleaning, decluttering, and improving your curb appeal will definitely help with this. But it also helps to be friendly to potential buyers and perhaps even offer cookies and drinks at open house showings.


Leave people with positive feelings about your house and the thought of buying will be much more appealing. 




Selling your home is a big commitment, so make sure you go all out before showing it to potential buyers. These five things to do before selling your home will increase your property value and make buyers more interested. Spend a little time on improvement and you could see a boost in your sale price.


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