Has Social Media Failed Us? Or Not?

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Hey there -- its been a long time since I came on here and writen anything. I have been through this period of inefective meetings and breakfast clubs and insincere communication. I blame myself and from steering away what works. Its amazing to me to see this happen despite all the progress I made on the web when it wasn't really a "thing".


Now that we have social media I see a lot of problems come from companies that are conected yet facing a real disconnection. What I mean by that is many of your top social media sites are that they are closed communities. You have to sign into facebook or Instagram to see the posts but that is just the beginning. Many social media sites work that way and this leaves us with a lot of isolation. you have to log into these environments just to see them.



The best thing right now is Youtube.  If you tag things correctly on your videos here is a very good chance that it will go straight to the top of Google. but that is just the beginning. From there your videos have a great chance to be interacted with if you place them corectly on your own web media. By web media I mean web pages that you build and control from the very beginning.  If  you can code your own pages then you can really run the whole process and use HTML5 Mobile code, schema and other cool things to ensure visibility. 

This is something that I have been playing with extensively and I noticed some really cool things. You can take your video and embed it in your web pages and it will appear under your domain name as well as a Google search and a youtube search. This means more impressions for your real estate office and brand. I was really glad to see this in the age of paid search.


Paid search is escalating in price and unless you have stories to tell it is going to be a money drain. A lot of real estate agents don't write any kind of content to a mass audience. I still see a lot of pictures of houses and prices on real estate websites. The downside of approachig yoru marketing like this is that you look like everyone else.

The problem with redundant content is that Google is onliy going to rank the first 20 pages. The rest will be ignored so you will want to do something to stand out. I did something unique like this in the automotive industry and was able to get our content placed on the search engines multiple times for page 1. When you do this right all three major search engines will snap to attention and feature your agency.

I am actually showing agents how to do some of these concepts for free.

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