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Some natural foods contain vitamin B17, also known as tonsillin or latril. This is a great sign of bitter taste. Some special seeds may include fruits, cabbage, nuts and beans.

• Fruits: blackberries, cranberries, crayfish, elderberries, wild strawberries, currants, mulberry, ducks and raspberries ...

• Drug addiction: bamboo, pumice, chili, mung bean and ...

• Nuts: bitter almonds, macadamia nuts, cakes and nuts ...

However, the highest B17 is found in apple and apricot seeds. One of the best and easiest ways to digest B17 is to eat apricot kernels. Getting beans and food a day is very rewarding. Apricot donuts are not expensive, have a long life and contain vitamin B17 cancer.

For those who do not like the bitter taste of the mouth, there is another alternative to using tonsillin. There are capsules made of spicy apricot extract! Vitamin B17 extract is very strong and pure! The nuclear recovery of bitter apricots can withstand between 5% and 98%. The extract is produced in the safest way, bearing in mind that the almond molecule is damaged.

The best choice is 500mg. Capsules filled with extracts weigh 1 g, 1 g, up to 20 g. Natural apricot seeds. If the average weight of an apricot kernel is about 500 mg, then the same capsule filled with 1:20 extraction equals 20 kernel kernels!

Latril has been used as a cancer since the 1800s. It can be used alone or as part of a program. This may include adherence to a specific diet, vitamin supplements and pancreatic enzymes.

Recent studies have shown that Lattril can kill cancer cells in some, but there is not enough reliable scientific evidence that Lattril or amygdine can cure cancer. However, it is still being promoted as an alternative treatment for cancer.

Taking tablets is more effective than taking vaccines. This is because our digestive system is broken down into ethylene to separate cyanide. Cyanide is toxic.

Side effects:

Lavender contains cyanide. Thus, the side effects of low trillane are similar to cyanide. That includes:

• fever

• Disease

• headache

• head dizziness

• liver damage

• Hanging envelopes

• lack of oxygen in body tissues

• lower blood pressure

Nervous disorders, loss of balance and complications

• Inexplicable, coma and eventually death

When using the plate as a pill, avoid other foods that contain amygdala. These may include the following dishes:

• Unprocessed almonds

• roots

• Celery

• apricots

• Peaches

• Bean sprouts

• Beans - carbohydrates, lemons, oils and other pulses

• nuts

• flax

High doses of vitamin C

• fruit stones or crushed kernels

Eating these foods is safe if you do not take Latrile because it contains few tonsils. If you have liver problems, Lattril can cause liver damage. Most websites or magazines promoting files have claims based on accepted ideas and jokes. There is no scientific evidence that lotril is an effective treatment for cancer or other diseases.

The Cochrane Library published a systematic review in 2015. This means that the team of experts will gather all the evidence on a particular topic and check that there is evidence to support it. The analysis showed that controlled clinical trials do not support the expected benefit of LATRIL. It is at serious risk of cyanide poisoning, such as latrine or amygdala, especially after oral administration.


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