A Quick and Easy Tool to Elevate Your Open House

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Holding an open house is challenging. There are safety issues to consider and so much preparation – and all of this distracts you from the real purpose of the event, which is to show off and sell a home!

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy tool you can use that can make everything a lot easier. Best of all? It costs less than $10!

Use unlined notecards to create mini-signs that help you highlight the home's best features in a classy, unobtrusive way.

Cards Catch the Eye

Have you ever seen a small sign and found yourself leaning and squinting to read it – even though you have no idea what it’s about?

Me too!

Everything from bumper stickers to store signs to plaques at a museum draw your eye and make you curious about what’s being said. The same applies to your homemade notecard signs. Buyers will lean in and read them instinctively.

Go For Upscale Notecards and Text

While you can get a pack of plain white cards for a couple of bucks, it’s best if you upscale the presentation to match the home. You can get plain cards in a variety of colors, for example, or even choose those that have a metallic sheen.

Consider decorative notecards that have a bit of a design on them for some special flair. You can often find a variety at office stores or online. Choose cards that have some weight to them, such as A6 cardstock.

Once you have the cardstock, consider how to write on it. If you have great writing, you can do it yourself. Otherwise you might want to ask a friend with great flair, or print them in an appealing (and readable!) font.

What to Highlight

Once you’ve got some fancy notecards, what do you highlight?

Walk around the home and think about what you would want a buyer to know. Also, think about the questions you get from browsers most often. New kitchen appliances, a new heating system, special molding, or recently updated windows are great candidates.

You can also highlight smart home features or eco-friendly upgrades. A smart-enabled thermostat or reclaimed wood shelving can be great selling points!

Hang up your cards with simple double-sided tape or use non-damaging hanging strips if you’re worried about paint.

Create a Curated Open House Experience

When you use notecards to call out the best features of a home, you’re creating a curated, museum-like open house experience. In fact, you may have buyers go back through the home to make sure they haven’t missed any of the notes!

This presentation will show your thoughtfulness while also drawing attention to key features in a polite way. You can be much more sure that buyers won’t miss a thing.

Ready to get started on your next open house? Check out our flyers and make sure you have plenty of updated business cards available!


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Nadine Larder

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