Why Holistic Centers Are Becoming Popular for Addiction Treatment

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Anyone dealing with addiction knows that trying to find a cure isn't the most challenging part. Admitting to having a problem is the very first thing to do, but identifying a program that gives results for you is the tricky part.

There are many methods for dealing with addiction, and there are two main categories to choose from: the traditional rehab programs or alternative programs. With holistic centers becoming more and more popular, it makes perfect sense that we take a closer look at them.

What is a holistic center all about?

A holistic rehab center is a facility that sees the patient as a "whole," ensuring a treatment approach that helps one heal all elements.

Typically, a holistic center isn't going to use medication throughout the detoxification process. The patient is never seen as a separate entity from his addiction.

Many people that turn to a holistic center have tried and failed to follow a conventional rehab program.

Why do people turn to holistic centers?

There are many reasons for which one may turn to a holistic rehab center. Here are some of the most common reasons:

1.      They failed in a conventional rehabilitation program

A traditional rehab program isn't adjusted to one's particularities, level of addiction, or personality. It's why a traditional method may give different results for different people. Even if some methods seem to be more effective than others, there's always going to be a percentage of patients that see little to no improvement with the successful therapies.

For instance, more than 50% of people struggling with cocaine addiction and following CBT therapies have tested negative one year after leaving the center. But there’s also the other half of patients that didn’t manage to stay clean, ending up relapsing.

2.      They relate to the main principles of holistic programs

In a comprehensive drug rehab center, the patient may undergo treatment with a couple of new chemicals in order to cleanse through adequate nutrition and herbal remedies. Dealing with withdrawal symptoms isn't that difficult as the techniques and products used will ease out the detox process.

The focus on improving physical, mental, and emotional health in a holistic rehab center. All three domains are connected to any one of them impacts the other two. The efforts go on healing every level so that one remains long sober time after leaving the center.

Here are some of the methods used within a holistic rehab center:

  •          Organic meals for improving physical health
  •          Sports activities (hiking, swimming, walking, or biking)
  •          Meditation exercises, yoga, tai chi
  •          Music and art therapy
  •          Massage, acupuncture, and complementary therapies

3.      The location

With spending time outside as an important part of the rehabilitation, it makes perfect sense that holistic centers are typically found in surprising places.

It’s proven that nature can speed up the healing process. With addiction seen as a disease, it's evident that holistic programs involve numerous outdoor activities, with the surrounding scenery impressing and helping the patients.

4.      The benefits are numerous

When selecting your rehabilitation program, you should also check the main advantages of holistic rehab programs.

The most valuable asset of the holistic center is that they focus on the patient and not the addiction per se. Moreover, the comprehensive treatment is always focusing on the patient as a whole, ensuring the services that address all areas of one’s well-being.

Here are the most significant benefits of holistic rehab centers:

Meditation exercises

Typically, patients undergoing comprehensive rehab programs will practice yoga, meditation, or tai chi. They're great for finding inner peace, playing a fundamental role when recovering from addiction.

Improvement of diet

It's well known that anyone dealing with addiction has a poor diet. When enrolling in a holistic rehab center, one is also going to change the diet for the better. Nutrient deficiencies are found in people abusing alcohol and drugs, so a healthy diet is required for rehabilitation.

Access to physical activities and sports

Within a holistic center, patients gain access to numerous and various physical activities. Exercising more and better develops muscle mass, and events such as hiking, swimming, and riding the bike are every day. Even simple physical exercises like taking a walk can help one in the recovery.

It’s also common for holistic rehab centers to provide various alternative therapies and treatments. Patients with different backgrounds and particularities can choose the best methods that work for them.

Acupuncture, music and art therapy, and massage therapy are some of the many alternative methods to try in a holistic rehab center.

What to consider when selecting a holistic rehab center?

Luckily for the patients out there, there are numerous options within the category. The variety can become overwhelming, so it's not a bad idea to have in mind some aspects when deciding:

  •          Ask the people of the holistic rehab center about the success rate. Plenty of holistic centers claim to have an impressive success rate, but fail to provide you the data to certify the results. Look for testimonials and ask to talk with previous patients, if possible.
  •          Gather as much information as you can from more than just one holistic rehab center. You will need to do your bits and bobs about it so that you have a complete image of the center.
  •          The price may throw you off. With many of the holistic center placed in unusual locations, it makes perfect sense that the price may look steep. Should the budget limit your option, it's going to be trickier to find a holistic rehab center that works for you. However, it would help if you never compromised on the reliability. Ask for proof of the efficiency of the program, even if it's not the high-dollar program that you were looking after. Your health and well-being are at stake, so don't sell yourself cheap!

Before you go

Just because you’re enrolling in a holistic rehab program doesn’t mean that it’s going to be 100% successful for you. It still depends on how you’re going to be capable of sticking to the program.

The holistic programs do stand out as they provide customized therapy for patients, but it still doesn't mean that anyone enrolling will succeed. Just like with conventional treatment, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


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