Day 10 Feeding the Positive Dog - Lose Yourself in the Moment

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My 11 day experience outlined by Jon Gordon in his book "The Positive Dog," has reached Day 10.

In yesterday's post for Day 9 we were asked to write a gratitiude letter to an important person in our life. If you haven't read my letter to Herb Knoll yet you may want to check out that highlight of my week.

For day 10 the author tells us to lose yourself in the moment.

"When we are engaged in an activity in the present moment and doing something that interests us we feel more positive." Today choose an activity today that will engage, interest and energize you."

What does that look like in your world?  Gordon provides a handful of examples such as playing an instrument, listening to your favorite music, dancing, painting, playing a sport, gardening  or reading a good book.  Whatever your activity of choice is, it will allow you to enjoy the present moment and feed your positive dog.

My activity today was educating. As the product of two teachers, my parents passed on DNA that lives in me to coach and share knowledge with others.  Whether it's mortgages or other personal finance matters, business strategy or marketing. I love to share what I've learned so other may benefit.

Grumpy Goat CoffeeToday my day was dedicated to promoting our gourmet coffee roasting company, Grumpy Goat Coffee

All day long we engaged with people who were interested in learning more about coffee. 

Most people are fascinated to learn about the nuances of coffee beans grown around the world. 

A lot like the wine industry, different growing regions produce coffees with unique flavor profiles based on the soil, climate, altitude and other factors related to the terra.

Having conversations with with an enagaged audience makes the time go by fast allowing you to lose yourself in the moment. 

Another way that we can share knowledge is through blogging. The Grumpy Goat website offers several educational articles about best practices for grinding, brewing and storing coffee.

Tomorrow will be the finale of the 11 day challenge of  feeding the positive dog and I look forward to sharing it all with you.

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