Day 11 Feeding the Positive Dog — Be A Coach

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After getting lost in the moment on Day 10 of Feeding the Positive Dog, our challenge for the finale - Day 11 - is what I like to do everyday - Be A Coach.

Author Jon Gordon designed this 11 day experience as a daily strategy to feed ourself with positivity. If this is the first post in my series that you've read I encourage you to go back and read up on the previous daily posts leading up to now.

I have a lifelong journey of coaching in various capacities. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, one activity that allows me to get lost in the moment is coaching, teaching, educating.  It's in my DNA. 

In my youth I coached my fellow students on their math studies. Teachers would ask my help grading papers and serving as a resource for classmates.  

As I moved on to high school and was elected president of our school's National Honor Society it was my charge to development a community service project. I chose mentoring.  We rolled out a program where honor society members went to elementary schools and coached students on their reading and arithmetic skills. 

Then, in college, I partnered with a second grade teacher in Troy, New York to develop another mentoring program to get young kids excited about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 

My professional career within the banking industry eventually evolved into a role where I was helping build and manage a national line of business, with Herb Knoll, my mentor and boss who you read about in my Day 9 post the other day.  Herb challenged me to help coach the staff within our division to stimulate sales.  We developed a daily sales tip called SalesTalk that we distributed each morning electronically to all the branch staff around the country who worked within our line of business. We ended up with hundreds of educational anecdotes and best practices about sales that could be recycled and shared with new staff.

My career shifted into internet marketing in 2005 and blogging was becoming a "thing."  A friend and colleague had an idea to educate everyday people about personal finance using a blog format and sending the tips out to people by email and on social media which was also becoming a "thing."

The Daily Dollar Newsletter was born from that idea. Using technology I was able to share my knowledge about banking, mortgage, credit cards, credit scores and other personal finance matters. 

The most recent phase of my marketing career allows me to be a trusted advisor to small and medium sized businesses.  I can share my experiences from large corporate environments, combined with the successes and failures from having been part of several startups and small companies to coach business professionals on prioritizing their marketing strategies based on their goals, budget and timeline. It's really fun to show businesses, especially start-ups all the free marketing things they can do that only require a bit of their own sweat equity. 

Yesterday you got to read about another facet of how I get to serve in a coaching capacity.  Coffee is a universal product and most people enjoy talking about as much drinking it. It's rewarding to introduce people to great coffees from around the world and help them be a more informed consumer about coffee.

So, the crescendo of this 11 day journey inspired by Gordon's book is rightin my wheelhouse. It is second nature for me to serve in the capacity of coach and I am confident that this will continue to be a lifelong role in one way or another.

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Randy Mitchelson, APR

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Wayne Martin
Wayne M Martin - Chicago, IL
Real Estate Broker - Retired

Good morning Randy. You are a constant example of coaching and mentoring. Sharing experiences and knowledge is your fuel. Enjoy your day!

Mar 16, 2020 04:57 AM
Randy Mitchelson,APR

Always appreciate the positive feedback Wayne.

Mar 16, 2020 07:23 PM