Essential Moving Day Tips

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- Think about hiring a sitter.

Relocating can be chaotic. Younger kids may not understand what's going on, or even be shaken out of their normal routine. Distractions from the kids may take your attention away from urgent matters, lower your efficiency, and prevent you from supervising everything going on. When it comes to pets, a sitter may lessen the stress and anxieties they may feel during the moving process. You'll have peace of mind knowing they're taken care of, and stuck to their normal routine. Instead of worrying about keeping an eye on your children/pets during the moving process, a sitter will gladly keep them happy and safe.

- Change your address ahead of time.

It's recommended you change your address at least two weeks prior to moving. You can change your mailing address at the official UPS Change-of-Address website. No one loves paying a visit to the DMV, but you're legally required to change your license and registration address. Call ahead, and inquire whether you can even do this online.

You're not required to change your address for your social security card, but if you receive Social Security or Medicare benefits- you can do this online. When dealing with the IRS, you can easily print out the IRS Change-of-Address form and mail it in.

When voting time rolls around, don't forget to make sure your voter registration is updated with your new address. To secure that your financial statements are sent to the correct place, you'll want to notify your banks, loan issuers, credit card companies, and tax advisers. With utilities, you'll want to switch over your gas, electricity, water internet, cable, and phone. You don't want to be stuck without electricity for the first couple days, so it's very important to do this as far ahead as possible.

With insurance like life, dental, and health- changing your address will make sure you're covered in your new area. Since homeowner and renter's insurance won't follow you, you'll need to reach out and confirm no other changes need to be made. Don't forget to reach out to your employer, doctors, dentists, etc. You want to make sure you keep your records current as far ahead as you can to avoid any stress in the future. 

- Color-code your boxes.

Keeping everything color coded will make things easier to spot on a moving truck and inside your new home. You can use multicolored tape found at places like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Also- you can usually get free boxes from restaurants, grocery stores, and office supply stores. 

- Make sure everything is completely packed.

Before your moving date, making sure everything is packed ahead of time is crucial. Doing things at the last minute will not only stress you and your family out, but the mover's will have a hard time keeping up with everything. 

- Get rid of everything.

Don't wait until a couple days before move-in to decide what to pack and what to get rid of. Take some time out of each day to go through a different room. Start a box for necessities and go from there! Sell what you don't want or donate it to charity! 

- If you decide to hire movers, book early.

It's said to give yourself at least 4-8 weeks before you move to book a mover. Usually the sooner you book, the better deal you'll get as well as a bigger selection of movers. If thinking about using full-service movers, you'll need to book the move even further in advance. A full-service move can take several weeks to arrange. Just remember- the further the move and the busier the season, the more time required.

-Request time off work.

If possible, try and take off on a Friday. Then you'll allow yourself the rest of the weekend to settle in and start unpacking.

-Prep your furniture.

First things first- take inventory. Take note of what will need to be disassembled in advance. For large pieces of furniture, you may need doors removed ahead of time. Pack things like cushions and pillows, they can be placed in plastic bags or wrapped in bubble wrap. If you're renting a moving truck, make sure heavy furniture is loaded first and moved to the back of the truck.

- Don't buy groceries within two weeks of moving.

Assess what you have and create a plan. Keep track of things like expiration dates. To avoid getting rid of perfectly good food, eat any perishables. Use everything in the freezer! Also, there's many options to donate your food to charity.

- Pack an overnight bag.

During the move, you'll want all the essentials at hand. Things like medications, vitamins, and prescriptions should be an easy reach. Valuables like jewelry, money, and credit cards should always be transported personally. Especially toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, soap, and more. Make sure you and your family pack the clothes you need the day of the move-in and overnight. 

- If you're moving across country, have your vehicle serviced. 

Experiencing any car trouble mid-move would be an absolute disaster. At least get your car looked at, and if you want to play it safe- plan your route ahead of time.

- Put all important papers and records in one place.

Gather everyone's birth certificates and passports. Or even think about keeping everything on you during the move to assure they don't get misplaced.


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