10 Tips For Home Maintenance That Will Save You Money

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Sometimes when we live in a place so long we forget that performing routine maintenance is required and when we neglect to do it we end up with a hefty bill to make replacements. Here is a short list of things to keep on top of in order to avoid financial impact.

Weather Strips
It sounds silly but it's not: when your weather strips wear down over time they allow more air circulation around the domestic setting meaning an increase in heating in the colder months. That also increases bills. Keep an eye on those weather strips to avoid unnecessary energy costs.

Insulate Pipes
The biggest callout plumbers receive in winter is for frozen or burst pipes. It doesn't take a scientist to thaw out frozen pipes but it does take time. If the pipe bursts it costs money to replace. Save yourself a lot of trouble by insulating your pipes.

Fridge Coils
Dirty or ill-maintained fridge coils are a sure way of starting a fire, that, or your fridge ending up on the fritz. Neither sounds like something you'd want. To avoid the unpleasant scenario of replacing fire-damaged goods or replacing a fridge unit, clean the coils (which, in modern apparatuses, are usually on the back).

Fridge Seals
Fridge seals are what prevent warm air from getting into your fridge. If your seals are cracked or damaged, you're going to find yourself with either spoiled food or turning the thermostat lower, which increases energy costs.

Do yourself a favor by regularly checking the seals and replacing them when they need it.

Lint Deposits
Dryers have a nasty habit of collecting lint in the vent near the bottom. There's even a hatch that collects it. Also worth mentioning is dryers are the second-largest consumer of energy and when lint collects en masse in the vent that energy cost goes up. Make it a regular habit of clearing the vents to keep those energy costs down.

Leaky Faucets
Leaky faucets are one of the most common reasons why water bills are so high, yet they are usually relatively easy to fix. Just take the facet head off and tighten the screw with a screwdriver. That'll keep the water bill accurate for water usage and not adding on water wastage.

Blocked Drains
Drains can be pricey to have unblocked when they get stuffed up, especially if there's a dreaded fatberg choking the conduits. To prevent blocked drains, refrain from pouring meat fat or oil down the sink. And make it a habit to flush out drains a few times every year so you don't have to call out a plumber for a rudimentary job.

Attic Insulation
Heat rises up and the higher it goes the hotter it gets, if there's insulation to keep it there. If your attic has degraded or missing insulation you're going to struggle to keep your domestic setting warm, even in the summer. So check the insulation in the attic to make sure it's up to standard. Otherwise, you're going to be paying hike charges on your energy bills.

Slippers in the House/Carpets
Renovating your floor very pricey, especially if you are dealing with a hardwood floor. Sometimes, after a few years, or due to some incidents you don’t have any choice. But we can make an effort.

Walk with slippers around the house instead of high heels or sneakers. That will preserve your floor and avoid damage in the long run.

Another great alternative is to use carpets. Carpeting a house is pricey and adding insulation is, too. It's a better alternative, though, than paying costly energy bills, so when you put carpets down, make sure you've got insulation under them as well because it will trap in heat meaning you don't or won't need the radiators on as much or for as long in the colder months. It saves money in the longer run.

Fire Alarms
People tend to underestimate the potential of functional fire alarms. They not only save lives but save you a massive financial burden when you need to find a new place to live because you either didn't purchase one or forgot to change the batteries. Also, make sure to check it works every once in a while. As previously, mentioned, not maintaining a fire alarm can be extremely costly.


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