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One thing I find myself saying frequently is, “Common sense does not necessarily apply when you’re talking about the IRS.”


This isn’t just about trying to understand tax laws and regulations. There are regular words that don’t mean what you think they mean. One area where I see this frequently is when a client has had their refund taken by the IRS and I tell them that we’re going to file an Injured Spouse claim.


When you hear “Injured Spouse” you likely conjure up images of someone stuck in bed wearing a full body cast or with some other form of disability. You’re not alone. When meeting with clients in our Hartford County, CT office, or talking with them over the phone, it’s not uncommon for someone to respond with “but I’m not injured”. This term actually refers to someone who is financially injured by their spouses’ debt.


Within our firm my main focus is on taxpayer representation. I’ll speak with many people each year who all have the same story: My spouse owes money so the IRS took our refund. This happens most commonly with back taxes, child support payments, and student loans.


The good news is, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Even after they’ve already taken the money you still have options. So long as only one of you is in default we can get your portion of the refund back. Since one of the spouses is innocent, this is frequently confused with Innocent Spouse relief. In actuality they’re two very different things. Innocent Spouse happens under very different circumstances and is very difficult to get approved, but that’s a blog for another day. Injured Spouse however is much more straightforward and is something that we’ve been very successful at getting approved.


If you’ve had your tax refund taken by the IRS contact us today for a free initial consultation so we can get the ball rolling on getting your money back.




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