How To Stay Fit At Home During A Quarantine

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During these strange times, it can be easy to get caught up with staring at the news all day. Just as any us want to stay on top of the latest updates, it's easy to forget the importance to keep moving and continue with exercise. If you've gone online and searched for "adjustable dumbbells" amist the crisis, you will sadly misfortuned to discover that all sets are currently sold out nationwide. Finding an alternative is an absolute since we all currently have zero access to any local gyms.  For those of you who are healthy, here are a few good ways to keep your exercise routine in place while being stuck in place at home with limited equipment. 


Body Weight Exercises

Push-ups - there are various ways to incorporate this exercise...

Knee-pushups - for the novices or those who don't quite have the upper body strength to perform a standard push up, this is a great alternative. Make sure to keep your hands shoulder width apart, elbows tucked at your sides, back straight, and hands parallel to the center portion of your chest at all times.

Triangle Pushups - This is a more advanced pushup. For this exercise, you want to place your hands together with palms facing down. Your thumbs and index fingers should be touching so that you have created a "triangle" shape. Place your hands directly below your chest (tips of your thumbs should line up with lower portion of your thorax and the tips of your index fingers should line up with the upper portion of the thorax). 

Decline Push-Ups - Don't let the word "decline" fool you, as this is a great alternative to incline bench (great for targeting the upper portion of your chest). You want to perform this exercise as you would a standard push-up, only this time elevate your feet by proping them onto a solid raised surface such as a low height chair, stool, or even couch if it's solid enough.

Lunges - 

In-Place Lunges - Hold light weights at your side (if you don't have access to weights, fill a gallon jug with water) and take a giant step forward  ensuring you keep core tight and back straight. Next, make sure your forward knee is directly above your heel, not in front of it. Your back knee should simultaneously almost touch the floor.  Lastly, push up from the heel on your forward foot into another giant step, only move backwards into starting position and repeat on othe leg.

Jumping Lunges - This only to be done by individuals who don't have any back, knee, or joint issues.


Pull -ups

Pull ups - This is obviously only applicable to the invividuals who currently have access to a pull up bar. If you are fortunate enough to have a pull up bar at home, it would also be wise to invest into a pull-up assist band. These bands will give you different tension levels of assitance, allowing beginners who don't quite yet have the upper body strength, to perform a pull up with full range of motion.

The alternative to pull-ups would be...

Bent Over Rows -  You want to stand in place with your knees slightly bent shoulder-width apart and your back slightly arched at a 45 degree angle. Next, ensure your arms are straight with your elbows locked at your side and pull the weights up so that they are parallel with your chest. (Note: if you don't have weights, you can use resistance bands or fill up the water jug as an alternative.

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