Real Estate in the Poconos - Post Corona Predictions

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Have you ever put together a business plan? If you had you'd know that it requires quite the amount of speculation and projections based on plans intended to produce a desired outcome. Personally I do this each and every year but due to this corona virus it needs to be tweaked and done once again. I never thought I'd live through a time period where a virus would cause capitalism to cease... but here we are. Showing of real estate property grinding to a halt. Folks wanting to list their homes being put on hold. Outside our realm of real estate practice other businesses are shut down, people laid off, furloughed etc.. and being told to 'Stay Home'. Again this is something none of us ever imagined having to deal with and to a lot of folks it is probably more than a little scary.

For others, however, it is a planning stage so to speak for 'what comes next'. You see we as americans do not 'stay at home' very well. In fact I've put my boots on for work since I was like 4 years old while my father got ready for work. My boots were called boondockers. Not sure if that was their real name but heh my dad had a way of inventing names for everything. I inherited that trait. Anyone that knows me knows I come up with new names for everyone, every pet, everything. Some of it good, some of it not BUT most of it pretty funny.

You see getting up and going to work is in the very fiber of our beings so telling you to 'stay home' is a bit out in left field for most of us. I get it though... I guess. I'm probably gonna have to replace the carpet when this thing is over as I've paced back and forth over and over more times in the past week than I have in the two years I've been here...I digress.

WHAT COMES NEXT - My prediction is BIG and Lasting. Those who never thought of having a home in the mountains of Northeast PA are going to strongly consider it. Interest rates remaining low are going to help and for those looking to leave the rat race behind and find peace and nature at every head turn, the Pocono Mountains are going to stand out like the proverbial sore thumb. If I didn't have the ability to go for the hikes in the woods with the dogs during this time off I don't know what I'd do. Exploring nature

( Mushrooms will be growing shortly), breathing fresh air, taking in all the remnants of Winter as Spring eases into the area. It is a wondrous time and it doesn't go without thanks to God each and every day. 

I'd like to share my wonderful place called the Poconos with everyone who would appreciate it. You can start your search for free right HERE!

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