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How to Declutter Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a high traffic area in the home whether you are a cook or not. Your kitchen is a gathering spot for catching up and also for those things that magically appear and end up in the “junk drawer(s).” When the clutter takes over it can make any kitchen, no matter the size, feel cramped and nonfunctional. Here are a few ways to help you organize your stuff and keep the kitchen free from clutter chaos.

Tip #1: Clean off the countertops.

                Only keep on the counters small appliances you use on a daily basis such as a coffee maker in a dedicated space. For all the others, utilize a cupboard or pantry space to house these items until they are needed. Not only will this make your kitchen feel larger but also give you more room to work.
Also keep decorations that take up counter space to a minimum. They can create clutter or obstacles when trying to prepare food. Be creative with your décor and instead of having a fruit bowl on the counter, use a mesh hanging basket that won’t use up counter space.

Tip #2: Organize Your Cupboards.

                Store items close to where they will be used most often. For example, keep coffee mugs near the coffeemaker or cooking utensils near the stove. This will not only help in locating them when you need them but also make it easier to put back.

Tip #3: Eliminate The Junk Drawer.

                It is extremely easy to just throw stuff in a drawer, close it and forget about it until that drawer becomes 2 drawers or dare I say 3 drawers. Evaluate the item for what it is, if it is junk then throw it away, if you will need the item again then put it away in the proper place.

Tip #4: Create a Multifunction Area.

                Have a spot that can have a bulletin board for notes, a grocery list and drawers for takeout menus, receipts and appliance manuals. Having a dedicated space for these things will help to keep this clutter from ending up all over the house.

When your kitchen is free from clutter it allows you to be able to enjoy being in there whether you are cooking with family or entertaining friends. There are numerous websites/stores with the coolest organizers and space savers that you can utilize to help with the process.

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