Sorry I can't help you...I'm waiting on the Governor to call!

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It's just me one of your local Real Estate tax paying guys who needs some answers...Before we get into that; let me share with you two things that happened today...

1. A buyer asked me to show him a few properties tomorrow...My answer was HMMMMMMM... I don't know if I can or should. I'll get back to you.

2. You issued an update to your essential list of businesses that be open and added some that I question just a lil bit.

You added cell phone shops , (Didn't know that the demand for these were so critical) Livestock ,(really dude? shoprite will do for now)

Nurseries & garden centers  (We can't work, so we might as well plant!) and my personal favorite Bicycle shops.  (Just be home before the streets lights come on son)


Let me just say whether it is in the best interest of public safety for us Realtors to be working or not; is definitely not my call. Again, I am just a local real estate tax paying guy. I just want to say PLEASE let us know one way or the other because it kind of sucks knowing that this is essential 

and this is not 





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Candice A. Donofrio
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Dang! What is WRONG with yer Governor?

(rhetorical . . . I have lots of NJ friends so I have caught an earful)

Our next door neighbor Governor Sisolak of NV shut down VEGAS and by Vegas I mean every casino in the state. In 27 years out here I've NEVER seen a casino closed except parts for renovation.

I get it, but our local economy runs on the gaming industry. Kick in the nuts!
Has your gov shut down Atlantic City?

Mar 26, 2020 04:42 PM
Malik Crichlow
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Candace, AC has literally shut it self down over the past few years. It's like a deserted ghost town down there. Many casino's have closed and there are a lot of abandoned buildings etc. It's not officially closed down but feels that way...

Mar 26, 2020 04:53 PM