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Thanks to social media, there are lots of dedicated groups where people can join and get information about a number of topics. Reddit has grown to rival some of the other major social media platforms, and I felt it was time to add a Reddit real estate bloggers group.

Insights and Goals

My goals for this community are quite simple; educate as many people as possible about the real estate world. The real estate bloggers are here to provide reliable, up-to-date information about buying or selling a home.

Since this is a major transaction for most people, we want to provide our community with the right data to help them make the best choice for their situation.

Tips For Home Sellers

Find insight from top real estate bloggers around the country about selling a home. Tips about organizing and cleaning as well as making the home more attractive from the road are just the tip of the iceberg. Experienced home staging professionals along with decorators will also give their input on how to prepare a home for a good showing.

Tips For Home Buyers

There are also agents that specialize in helping people buy a home. Whether it is their first home or their 8th home, we strive to have the most up-to-date info about various kinds of loans, deciding on a payment range and also the right term for the specific mortgage. But there is more to buying a home than just the financing. There are also things like investigating possible neighborhoods, how to pick a good location, what features are necessary for a home and what type of home best fits your needs that need to be explored.

Tips From Mortgage Experts

But the information does not stop with the real estate agents. Professional mortgage lenders from all across the country will give you insights into various types of home loans. Their tips will show people how to improve their credit score, determine a realistic budget for buying a home as well as handling other aspects of their finances. With the guidance of our contributing mortgage experts, our community will gain a ton of reliable information that they can use when they sit down with a local lender to plan their next home purchase.

Tips For Real Estate Professionals

In order for this community to grow and thrive, we want professionals to gain from this group as much as potential clients. This is why we invite any real estate agent, mortgage lender, home insurance agent, property inspector or any other service-connected to the real estate world to join our real estate bloggers group. By networking with like-minded individuals across the country and contributing timely information, professionals from various parts of the real estate industry will benefit from an overall improved online exposure.

Final Thoughts On the Reddit Group For Real Estate Bloggers

Whether you wish to join the group for educational purposes or to be a contributor, please look over our brief rules and sign up at the following link

Additional Platforms That Real Estate Bloggers Should Join

The following social platforms are bonus material. I encourage you to take a look at these and others mentioned in the links below to really take the next step in your real estate internet marketing efforts.

Instapaper is a great social bookmarking site with high domain authority and do-follow links. I like that it's easy to add articles to and categorizing them into groups of similar content. Do not forget to add a good description and write a unique title.

Designspiration is another great bookmarking site that focuses on image design. Creating folders to reflect that, is a good idea. Take a look at my profile which is linked above to see an example. This site is a little different as you have to drag their "bookmarklet" into your browser's bookmark bar. In Chrome, this works flawlessly and this site also has a high domain authority, with do-follow links.

Snapzu is a newer network that's in invite-only status as of this writing. I managed to get in and was given 3 invite codes. If you're looking to get into this network, please get in touch and I will see if anyone I know that still has invite codes. Being new, the site's domain authority is still relatively low but I expect this to increase quickly. Getting into a network like this early is a good thing! Be sure to join my real estate bloggers Snapzu group there too.

Listly has been around for some time and I know that there are already a good number of real estate bloggers out there. For those that have not signed up yet, listly is worth checking out. Besides organizing links into any kind of list you can imagine, these lists can also be embedded in your other blog posts. Getting creative with listly is easy to do and well worth your efforts.

Conclude is another newer network that has a ton of potential. Besides the great look of the website and posts, it's also super easy to post. I would recommend posting stories and making sure you write a good, unique description and title. Adding a photo and linking within your description is also highly recommended. Great site with a ton of potential.

Flipboard is a platform that's been around for a while now. Bookmarking is easy but there's not a lot of editing to the title or description. You can change photos that are automatically pulled through, but only if the system finds the other images. I love Flipboard and with high domain authority and do-follow links, this site is not to be passed over.

Diigo is a social bookmarking site with high DA, DO-FOLLOW links and a Chrome extension to make bookmarking easy!

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