The New New in New Construction!

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The New New in New Construction!


How about that for alliteration? But it’s true, the coronavirus has changed our reality but as Jeff Shore shared in his podcast, A Buyer’s Mind,“ coronavirus is a short term reality but purchasing a home is a long term decision!”

Here in California we are participating in the statewide stay-at-home mandate but housing is considered an essential business and buyers continue to plan on purchasing a home because for many people a home represents the epitome of the American Dream. 

Therefore we are now connecting with buyers remotely. Yes, many sales offices and models are open virtually and we continue to interact with buyers daily. It’s a new skill set to learn for sure but providing this service is important. Just imagine homebuyers who were to close last week? Or what about those of us suffering from cabin fever and are in need of adult conversation.


Five Tips for Virtual Presentations:

1. A fully functioning digital website is required. The website should offer virtual tours, interactive floor plans, photos of the community and a site map.

2. A Skype or Zoom account for video conferencing.This allow face-to-face interaction while maintaining social distance. Docusign or another electronic signature platform for contacts.

3. Practice, practice, practice. (Thank you to my Broker friends who allowed me to practice with them before connecting with buyers.

4. A professional looking shirt or top, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing on the bottom because who’s going to see unless you jump up with excitement.

5. For me I’ve discovered I feel much better when I have on makeup. Yes my acrylic nails are I need of a touch up but I gesture from a distance.


You see I believe we’re providing hope because this to shall pass.


Stay calm, safe and healthy,

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