8 Home Upgrade Tricks to Improve Your Resale Value

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8 Home Upgrade Tricks to Improve Your Resale Value

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If you choose to renovate your house from floor to ceiling, you can expect a good rise in resale value. However, big renovations may not be in your budget. Luckily, there are a few home upgrades you can do yourself that will boost your home’s price. So, forget about contractors and try these right now.

Replace fixtures

If you want to add some pizzazz to your home but are not willing to spend more than a few dollars, try to replace some of your fixtures. Things like switchplates, curtain rods, lighting fixtures, drawer pulls and door knobs all cost very little but can make a huge change in your space. And best of all is that you can replace all of these by yourself, just make sure to opt for modern pieces in neutral colors that will appeal to a larger number of people

Restore hardwood floors

If you live in an older home, you might have a nice hardwood floor hiding underneath your carpet. Peek beneath and see whether you are one of the lucky ones. If you happen to have wood floors, get rid of your carpet and show off your amazing flooring. However, there’s a big chance that you will have to restore them and finish them. Luckily, there are great tutorials on how you can do this by yourself and save some money.

Remove popcorn ceiling

These are best left in the 90s, so make sure to remove them before you put your house on the market. The removal process is fairly simple, but make sure to test for asbestos before you start scraping—some old homes built before the 1970s might still have it in ceilings.

Clean your fireplace



A brick fireplace is a great addition to your home, but if you burn wood in it, your brick is probably stained with soot and other pollutants. Make sure to restore your fireplace the best you can so that it can become a great selling point. Start by wiping away the soot with a wet rag and follow with a specialized fireplace cleaner (removes creosote). Sure, you will need to put your back in it and maybe even use several applications of cleaners, but by the time you are finished, your fireplace will look amazing!

Improve your garage

People are getting more and more into DIYing and crafting, so you might want to provide something attractive for handy buyers by improving your garage. The best thing you can do is install a nice work station in your garage that will keep all their tools and gadgets neat and at hand’s reach.

If you have some experience in welding (don't laugh!), you have an advantage because you can always make something yourself. In case you need some additional help, you can find many useful tig welding tips and gear recommendations so you can buy exactly what you need for your current projects and those you’ll have in the future.

There are many garage welding projects you can add to your space, from workstations to shelving and storage solutions, so you can make your garage look amazing in no time.

Install new doors

For as low as $200, you can get a door that’s not only super safe but also attractive and full of character that can improve your home’s curb appeal. If you can’t afford something new, you can always choose a modern color and give your existing door a new coat.

Seal your driveway

Asphalt driveways are very durable, but if you don’t treat them well, they will crumble and become ugly and worn. Regular maintenance like filling cracks and sealing your driveway can help keep it looking fresh and attractive. It’s not a glam project, but if you have some free time, it will pay off. It is also something home buyers may see first.

Upgrade landscaping

upgrade landscaping

First impressions are very important, and there is no better way to leave a good impression than to brighten up your landscaping. The greenery in front of your house can attract plenty of looks and encourage people to visit during the open house hours. To get the most for your money, opt for perennials rather than annuals.

You can also give some attention to your lawn and patch up some bald spots. In order to complete your outdoor work, trim trees and bushes for that clean and polished look.

Giving your home a few upgrades doesn’t have to fill your home with all sorts of different contractors. Most smaller projects can be finished by one person in a day and they will all fit your price range. When you finish, the value of your home will certainly improve and you’ll get to sell your property for a price that will leave everyone satisfied.





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