New Haven, CT: COVID-19 and its Impact on Resolving Your Tax Debts!

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I spend most of my days resolving civil and criminal tax issues with the IRS and Connecticut Department of Revenue.  Whether its income tax, payroll tax or sales tax, we have seen and dealt with most issues.  The current pandemic is creating economic chaos and incredible stress on individuals who are worried about their family's health and financial well-being.

So it sounds strange to write it, but there might be a silver lining to this current pandemic.  The situation actually does create an opportunity to resolve back tax debts with the government.   

The IRS, as well as most states, consider collectibility for tax debts to be based upon the taxpayers current financial situation.  So for taxpayers who have hit rough times, now may be the time to modify that installment agreement you cannot afford by being deemed uncollectible or event compromising it away through the IRS Offer-in-Compromise program.

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