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Dear Mr. President

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I did something this morning that I have not done before, at least that I can remember. I sent a letter to the President.

Dear Mr. President,

The first news story I heard this morning was about relaxing restrictions and sending us back to work. I believe that the time is now for us to tool up and prepare for the next wave. I also believe that we should follow a fundamental principle of investing – make short-term sacrifices today for long-term benefits. I believe that the best thing I can do for my fellow citizens is to stay home. I am fortunate that I already worked from home. However, my business is dependent upon other businesses. I can’t help but ponder this word – ingenuity. Send us back to work, Mr. President, but send us back to make ventilators, personal protective equipment, Lysol and other disinfectants. Let’s educate people about safe practices. Let’s, Mr. President, is the most powerful word a leader has for with it he can inspire people to be and do things never thought possible. It’s time for businesses to pivot. Let’s put that good ol’ American ingenuity to work Mr. President. Send us back to work, Mr. President, but send us back to the right work for this season of unprecedented opportunity. Send us back with hope and purpose.

Respectfully yours,

Edwina Glass

Krystin Mitchell, CPA CFE
KLSM CPA Firm, PLLC - Houston, TX
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Thank you for putting into words how a lot of people are feeling and sharing that.

Mar 27, 2020 09:55 AM