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Setting the post tension slab on a new home - New home Construction 

I get asked quite a bit, what is a Post Tension slab and why is it so important when building a home. Well, a "post tension" slab is a concrete slab that has steel cables running through it, they have been placed under 33,000 plus or minus, pounds of tension.

This tension makes the concrete slab and foundation much stronger than concrete without reinforcement and it helps reduce cracking. The benefit of post-tensioned concrete, is its stronger, and more flexible than conventional steel-reinforced concrete. According to the "Concrete Network", post tensioning helps reduce cracking from shrinkage as the concrete dries, and hold together any cracks that do form.

Builders have been doing this since the 1960's, only problem was, back then, there was limited concrete in residential construction, where as nowadays, at least in my experience, its common place with all builders. 

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