Real Estate Investors; Slice Your Cost Per Acquisition

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We hear it all the time...  

Clients come to us with nightmare stories about how their Cost Per Acquisition just got out of hand or how they're tired of lackluster results.  It's normal because were so focused on getting the best deals we sometimes forget how much time or money that deal really cost us.  These expenses could be: mailers, hidden wholesaler fees, profit share, RVM, Text blast, or time consuming activities on things like skip tracing, organizing lists, various cold callers or VA's, call answering services, trying to vet incoming leads that were dead before they started... and the list goes on.  

Here's the short of it: Acquisition will always have a cost associated with it-It's just a matter of what that cost should be and how low you can get it.  Because there are so many moving parts that can be included in Real Estate Acquisition is the reason our All In One lead gen systems have continued to gain traction and win more Real Estate professionals every week.

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