What's your 30 day Real Estate Plan? No Covid talk!

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I can't even get through an hour today without seeing a post about COVID and what to do right now or political nonsense, but the most important thing you do as investors, agent, or soon-to-be either is to build a 30-day plan to start moving the needle forward.  The biggest mistake would be to let justified or unjustified fears from drying up our funnel.  Our Real Estate Generation clients have seen a 15% increase in responses over the past month because more people are readily available.  Even if this doesn't end in 30 days, we need to be prepared for when it does. What is your 30-day plan?

- - -

What we've done in the past 30-45 days:

- Told our RE Investor clients to reach out to all their open offers or verbal agreements and  and inform sellers that all open offers will expire within 30 days.  These are the hottest leads you will ever see if they have not sold within the last 30 days.  This was a big hit for our NJ clients among other states. 

- Work on our website to make sure it is current, updated, and representative of my brand.

- Published and begun selling our Lead Generation System clients special discounted pricing on additional leads as low as $0.13 per lead to add to their lead gen system. 

- Added a more inclusive All In One Lead Generation System that breaks down to $0.22 per address. Feel free to keep reading my article or check out our new website here: http://www.realestatesellerleads.co/

- Advised our clients to check in with all lenders I've had contact with to see if they are still lending and if so, have the terms gotten better or worse for me.

- - -

Here are some agent plan ideas (none of which involve spending money):

- Check expired listings from 3-6 months back that have not been relisted. Get owner info to reach out.

- Analyze the current market and realize that sales are still happening everywhere. Use these statistics for listing options and for buyers to show them that business is still transacting, albeit more carefully.

- Contact buyers who have lost out on deals and see if they want to check back in with sellers who still have the house on the market. They wouldn't need another look, since they saw it and bid before.

- Streamline all of my online profiles so they all look and sound the same and make sure my agent information is current everywhere.

- Text 5 past clients a day just to check in and see how they are doing in this crazy time.

- - -

What about you? Let's stop lamenting COVID and start planning for when things open up a little bit.

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