COVID-19 Electric Bill Relief Program

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COVID-19 Electric Bill Relief Program

No Electric Bill Payments for 18 Months 

SOLARIT®, a San Francisco based solar energy company is taking an initiative, to help families with their monthly expenses during this COVID-19 pandemic. SOLARIT® will install a SOLARIT® Smart Solar Energy System for your home, which will eliminate 100% of your electric bill.

SOLARIT® will pay the first 18 months of your solar payments*. 

The remaining 240 future monthly payments (20 years), will stay the same and will be lower than your current average monthly electric bill.



You may also qualify to receive a 26% tax rebate on the entire cost of the solar system, which could further improve your cash fellow, or you may apply the rebate to further reduce your future monthly payments.

"Most people assume that Solar System is a purchase, therefore it is an additional expenditure. In reality, since people are used to paying their electric bills every month, they do not realize they are buying that energy at retail prices every time they turn the light switch on. A Home Solar System will replace their electric providers and generate the same electricity at a much lower cost. The homeowners will be replacing their electric bill with a much lower non-inflationary solar system payments", said SOLARIT® CEO. 

 SOLARIT® offers online zoom Solar Assessment and Energy Plan Appointments for homeowners. During these 30-40 minutes, video conferencing, SOLARIT® energy consultants can customize a scientifically calculated solar panel system using proprietary SolarPro™ software technology, for their clients and offer an array of financing options while sharing their screen. 




For more information contact SOLARIT® 855-91-SOLAR or 

You may also receive a preliminary online Instant Solar Quote and Solar System Proposal directly from SOLARIT® website. 

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