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Halifax - Nova Scotia - A market so hot - perfect for private sellers!

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I've been photographing homes in Nova Scotia for the real estate market since 2007!  
I'm taking a bit of a flyer now with my blog.

Nova Scotia has become the place to move to as of late.
The Mandarin are now quite established in Halifax and surrounding communities
They even have their own China Town in the South End.

People from Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver are becoming common
neighbours it seems everywhere! They are fed up with the price of housing in their towns!

Halifax it seems has finally become THE real estate destination.

I have been busy photographing Homes and property in Nova Scotia
and have been doing more private sales than normal! I have dedicated a 
page on my blog for them. I have chosen a few that I would consider a
buy based on my past 18yrs in real estate.

Here is a link to my Blog.